Friday, May 28, 2010

Early summer days...

May has been full of beautiful summerlike days, and we like love those! There is just an abundance of things to do here in Maine when the weather is beautiful. The last week has been hot. Summer hot. Believe me, I am not complaining and I don't think our girls are complaining either. Kevin and I are very happy the girls have had a lot of use of their new waterslide already. We have been so busy lately, so we spent the week just taking things as they came! It was fun!

Earlier this week, we had some friends over for some fun. It was hot. Super hot. Like 90 degree hot. Our backyard is secluded by thick woods around us, so we don't have much breeze. The kids didn't care, and they had a blast playing in our backyard. Even Clara was able to really enjoy our backyard for the first time. Now that she is standing, she was perfectly content crawling around in the pool or standing at our water table splashing around. Mairead & Lilah had a great time spraying each other with the sprinkler and running around naked. There is nothing like a beautiful summer day when you have children.

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