Monday, May 3, 2010

A day in the life...

...of our little Lilah!

You may have read a previous blog post The Biggest Surprise about our little Lilah. Lilah is our almost 2.5 year old "middle child" - I hate that "label" for her, but I'll use it anyways. She has always been special, and since she started walking at 10 months, her personality has taken off in ways we never thought was possible!

There isn't a day that goes by when Lilah doesn't make us laugh or shake our heads in amazement. She is hilarious.

This morning at 0730, I hear her in her bedroom yelling "Mammma! I awake!.........Mammma! I awake!" - she must have repeated this 50 times before she ceased. Clara was fast asleep snuggled into my boob, so I didn't move. Then...all was quiet. I started wondering just what she could be doing in there. Clara finally awoke just before 0800, and I hear Mairead come out of her room. She opens Lilah's door to let her out, and then Mairead says in her mothering voice "Whaaaaat are you doing up there, Lilah?" Yeah. What WAS she doing? I walk into her room, and this is what I find:

I shook my head in amazement. She used her baby's cradle to climb up the drawers and onto the changing table. She had Clara's 6-12 month outfit on her all covered in desitin. I stared at her for a moment asking myself what I should do. I thought nothing - Ill run into my room and grab my phone so I can take a photo. That's just what I did. It was too good of a kodak moment to ruin it by a reprimand. I took a few photos, and then cleaned her up. I told her not to climb up there again because she could get hurt! We'll see if it happens again.

Later in the afternoon, Lilah is sporting a backpack, her sunglasses all while pushing her shopping cart around the house. This. Is. Lilah.

She never ceases to amaze us each and every day. Life never gets boring because of memories like these.  


  1. Too Cute ;) Most of the time we find ourselves laughing too. Those moments of exploration and expresion are so innocent. Glad you grabbed a camera, instead of getting frustrated. You're a good mom Steph ;)

  2. We have a "middle" just like that....though she was like that before she became a middle. She keeps us laughing, drives us crazy, and helps us to see that what we thought we knew about raising children was only meant for a text book. I think everyone needs a Lilah...a's good for us. Especially someone like me who is about routines and schedules. She reminds me to let loose and laugh more!


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