Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lilah strikes again!

Do you remember the blog post A Day in the Life... about Lilah?

Lilah is hilarious. Each day, she amazes us with something new, something funny, something so Lilah. She is definitely a handful, and at times, she is just so funny, inappropriately so....but how do you not laugh? How do you keep a straight face in order to discipline her? Sometimes it is just plain Impossible.

After the incidence of her getting onto the changing table and covering herself in desitin while wearing Clara's 6-12 month outfit, she had stopped climbing. I told her she shouldn't climb up there because she could fall and break her arm. Since she still had vivid memories of her arm being pulled out of the socket, she didn't want to "break her arm" again, so that kept her off of the changing table for a while....until today.

Around 730am I heard, Bang! Bam! ......uh oh. What is she doing in there? Both Mairead and Clara were sound asleep next to me in bed. I thought long and hard about what I should do, and I opted to do nothing. What's done was done. Once Clara awoke, I left Mairead sleeping, while me and Clara went in to check on Lilah.

Yep. Once again, Lilah was up on the changing table. She had her diaper off. Wipes thrown everywhere. Lotion all over the place. She made a mess.

I say:

"Lilah, do not climb up there. You could fall and hurt yourself. You don't want to break your arm. You don't want to go to the hospital, do you?"


 "Yeah. I do. I need to get my baby out" as she points to her belly. 

 Seriously!?! How do you react to that without laughing? It's tough!  

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