Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm new to the terrible two's...

I'll admit, I probably had it pretty easy with Mairead. She was a fairly happy infant,  with the exception of some sleep issues, but overall, she was very pleasant. When she turned two, she was speaking in 12 word sentences, and having adult conversations with people! She was sweet and happy, didn't climb, and was an overall easy toddler. She even potty trained herself by her 2nd birthday. My biggest complaint was her whining, which has yet to stop, and she just turned 4! Please let it stop soon......Please.

Lilah is the opposite. You have probably read posts about our "little Lilah". Lilah has been a handful lately, actually since she started walking at 10 months. From that point on, Lilah climbed everything without a problem. She ran from the get go. Now, I am sure Lilah is going through the Terrible Two's - whoa! Lilah is also not a big talker like Mairead was. She can get her point across, and speaking 4-6 word sentences, but overall, she has difficulty expressing her feelings and understanding to concepts - though I know her internal comprehension is very, very good. It's probably normal for her age, but to me, it's foreign. Mairead has had no problem expressing herself!

Lately, it's killing me. She hits, throws and can be just downright nasty! On the other hand, she is the most lovable, cuddly kid there is. Yesterday, she was just having a bad day. She refused to nap, and was being mean. Banging her head against the floor and then telling me she "hit her head" - uh huh....I wasn't born yesterday, Lilah! Once I got her to sleep, we had swim school. The girls did great. When we got home, Lilah looked at me with a smirk and peed a huge flood all over the floor. We brought her immediately to the potty and didn't make a huge deal about it - we definitely don't need to give her attention to the negative things she has been doing! Then, about 15 minutes later, she was sitting on our nice slipcover couch. She looked at me and I watched her bare down as she PEED on our couch. Thankfully, I got her off right away, and it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Today, we were leaving a garden store, and she wouldn't get in her car seat. I told her to get in, and if she didn't, I would have to strap her in. She didn't, so I did it for her. She didn't like that one bit. So, what did she do?

Took off one croc (shoe) and threw it at me while I was sitting in the drivers seat.
Took off the other, and threw it at me.....

What did I do?

Ignore her :)

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  1. Mayah and Lilah would have SOOOOO much to talk about! I was also blessed with an "easy" first born. Part of the reason we were pregnant when Chiara was 10 months old! I would always say that Mayah was born knowing she would be a middle child....she is the funny one, the loudest one, the trouble maker, etc. However, she is the first one to tell you she loves you and kiss you. We went through hell with her because of the food dye, but I think all that is FAR behind us now. She is going to be 4 in October and every day she shows me that the terrible twos and defiant 3's are coming to an end......praise the Lord! And here comes Leah.....hmmmmmm....


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