Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sharing is Hard.

Ahhh. Today was one of those days. You know...when you wake up, and 5 minutes later, someone is whining....someone is fighting....someone is crying......and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and start over. You just know the day is not going to go over well.

Yeah. One of those days.

I think an alternative title for today's post could be "post birthday blues" or "why do I have to share my new toys" or "why do I have to be nice" or "why should I listen to my mom and dad?" or "why isn't it okay to smack my sister upside the head with a toy?"

You know where this is going...

I will start off by giving our girls the benefit of the doubt. Our girls (in my extreme biased opinion) are very well behaved. I feel very lucky to have many more good days than days like today with them. Today was just not good. I couldn't wait for it to end so we can start over tomorrow.

I think after all the weekend excitement with preparing for Mairead's party, Mairead's birthday, the party itself, my parents spending the night and all the fun on Mother's day ended up for making a big ole letdown for the girls. All of a sudden, it was back to routine. Back to reality. Back to sharing toys. Back to following the rules. Back to listening to mamma & daddy. A lot to ask of a just turned 4 year old and a not quite 2.5 year old.

Of course, Lilah was into everything Mairead got for her birthday. Of course, Mairead didn't want to share with Lilah. It's a tough concept to teach the girls...they'll get it. Eventually. The girls just bickered all day. No one could get along. I felt as though I repeated myself a million times and still no one listened...."Pick up your toys"......"Don't throw your toys"...."Don't hit".....ARGH!

We even spent several hours outside this morning, and it just didn't cut it. They fought over the power wheels. Now that Lilah is interested in learning to drive, Mairead is bent out of shape she can't be sole driver of the pimp daddy escalade. Don't you wish your day's hardest concept was sharing the mack daddy escalade with your sister? I sure do! Then Lilah would hit or push Mairead. Mairead would cry. Mairead would hit Lilah back. You get the idea, right? It was just a vicious cycle that refused to end. By the end of the day, Mairead was in tears. Completely...Positively...Overtired. Yeah.

Let's just say as soon as Kevin got home from his run, I was waiting for my turn to get out of dodge and enjoy some "me" time. It felt good. It surely made it easier to get through the rest of the night. I know every day can't be perfect, and days like these are great for teaching the girls what is right.....and what is wrong....and being sensitive to each others feelings. Sharing and Caring.

I'm just glad most days are better than today.

Sharing is hard. I know.

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  1. I feel your pain girl. We have a rule in our house regarding gifts (Christmas and Birthday). The first day the recipient does not have to share them, but after that day they are fair game. If the recipient chooses to share that is GREAT, but we do not make her. We share everything in this house-no one really has anything that is just for that girl except their babies and loveys.


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