Monday, May 24, 2010

Good & Bad

It's official! Clara is on the move! Looks like she will be following in her sister, Lilah's footsteps and will walk early! Not only is Clara crawling (army crawl style) but she is now pulling up on things! It only took her about a week of crawling before she realized she can pull up! Uh ohhhh! 

I absolutely HATE the crawling stage - let's just walk already!

There are, of course, good things and bad things about is my list:

Bad first - because there are way more bad than good when it comes to crawling......
  • I have to vacuum our floors almost every day. Yuck. 
  • I have to wash my floors almost every day. I hate dirty kids with dirty clothes. 
  • If she wants her mamma, she can now chase me down. She is a fast mover, too!
  • She wants to get down. Everywhere. I can't let her down everywhere. That pisses her off! Have you heard Clara scream? She has lungs. Healthy ones.
  • She can now find every small piece of food on the floor and put it in her mouth. This includes dog hair. We have two dogs. They have a lot of hair. This is why I have to vacuum. A Lot. 
  •  I love the beach. One word. Sand. Everywhere. 
  • I now have three children who can chase me  into the bathroom.  
  • Did I mention crawling is just dirty??? Yuck.  
The good.

  • She is happy on the floor now because she can play with all sorts of fun things! You know, like eating dog hair, crumbs, dirty shoes - the good stuff.
  • Kevin says it is one milestone closer to her getting out of the house. Ha. Ha. Real funny!
.......and that's about it. Did I mention crawling is my least favorite milestone? When people say "Uh oh! She's going to be walking soon." You know, like it's a bad thing...I correct them and tell them I love when they walk. It is just so much easier. They are just so much happier. 


  1. But she's so cute honey! Especially last night when she pulled herself up in her crib and was hanging over the rail at 10pm. hahaha...

  2. So, are you saying you do not like dirt???!!! LOL!!!!! I do like walking better than crawling too. I hate brown knees. I do not like what walking brings in my house though....stairs. Leah has been better than Mayah. We have an XXL opening at the bottom of our stairs and gates that would fit it are hundreds of dollars. Ridiculous. With mayah I thought I was going to go insane....she was my climber though. ON EVERYTHING! Leah has been good and is content hanging on the bottom step. We do not have a beach, but we have the corner of our yard as a sand play area for them....yuck. Leah has started sampling it....gross!

  3. I love Kevin's take on it! Classic!


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