Monday, May 17, 2010

Mairead's 1st Recital

This weekend was a rather big first for our little girl. She danced in her very first dance recital. Last September, we signed Mairead up for dance class at a local dance school. Every Monday, she danced. I think she really enjoyed it, at least she seemed excited, and never ever gave me a tough time about wanting to do dance. It was always so much fun to watch her learn each and every week.

On Thursday night, Mairead had her dress rehearsal. We all (me, Kevin and her teacher) had been talking a lot about the recital and being on "stage". She didn't seem apprehensive at all! Before we left for rehearsal, I did Mairead's hair. I did a little french braid and then used a curling iron to put "twirls" in Mairead's hair. She thought this was the bomb. When I showed her in the mirror, she let out a little giggle in excitement. It was so cute. When we got to the high school, we put her costume on along with the other girls, and pranced around until it was their turn. I sat in the audience and watched my little baby perform. She did so great. I'll admit, I even had tears. Seeing my baby up on such a big stage made me realize just how small she really is. I was so proud of her! When she finished, we met her out in the atrium, and she was so excited. She says "Mamma! I loved being on stage!"

Saturday was the "big day". Kevin's parents flew in from Florida on Thursday afternoon to see the girls. My parents and Carley were also here to see Mairead's big debut. Once again, I primped Mairead up in preparation for the big show. When we got to the high school, Mairead was almost halfway through the recital, so she got to see the other dancers perform. The girls (Lilah & Mairead) were in awe with what they were seeing. The looks on their faces was unforgettable. They were so into it.

Then, it was Mairead's turn. The girls were so excited to perform! I raced back to my seat so I could watch my baby once again amaze us. She looked so little! but when did she get big enough to dance...on stage? We were so proud of our little girl!

I think the recital only made both Mairead & Lilah more excited to dance next year! The girls have been prancing around in the costume for days now! How cute is that??? I cannot wait to see my two big girls on stage next year.

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