Thursday, May 6, 2010

Planning a 4 year old birthday party...

......isn't as easy as you would think!

When the girls were having their 1st & 2nd birthdays, planning their parties was easy! Have a little cookout, invite friends, family and let the kids play! Then, they get older, and with each year, the need to "entertain" the kids is expected. Last year, we bought the girls a bounce house, so we utilized this during Mairead's 3rd birthday. It was awesome! All of the kids had a blast playing on our swingset, in the bounce house and running all around the yard.

This year, Mairead wanted to have her party in her backyard again. I thought about a pony party! Of course, she loved the idea, so that's what we planned. We would have one horse and one pony, which would give all of her friends plenty of time to ride and enjoy!

But........there is a hitch. It's going to rain. Nice.

Of course, the party is about one thing. The celebration of Mairead's birthday. The weather shouldn't play any role - because if it rains, we will still celebrate, and we will celebrate amongst family and friends. That is all that matters. Rain or Shine. Of course, it's a little disappointing, but we'll get through it and we will all have a great time. I know all Mairead cares about is having her friends there to celebrate.

This year, Mairead was able to invite her friends from school. She is so excited that some of those friends will be able to come in addition to her other friends! Knowing the weather forecast, I didn't talk up the pony party too much. When I realized the weather probably wasn't going to be great, my grandiose ideas of the kids being outside went down the drain.

What the heck am I going to do with 8-14 small children??? 

If you know me enough, you will know I am not an arts & crafts kind of mom. I'm just not. I have a hard enough time doing them with my kids, let alone everyone elses. The girls and I went out shopping today to prepare. We walked through Michaels, and I am lost. I kept asking myself.....what am I going to do? What will be fun to do inside for all of these kids??? Then! A light bulb went off in my head......

What if the pony lady brought her miniature pony here and did a grooming party in our garage. The kids can learn how to brush, care, feed and play with the pony. I called the lady up and she thought it was a good idea! She will even bring some horseshoes for the kids to paint! Oh yeah! Now we're talking!

Since we already paid for the horse/pony to come, we will have them come back in June at a party here! So, all is not lost! And I get out of doing arts & crafts with the kids!

Who would have thought planning a birthday party could be so stressful!?! I know no matter what we do, Mairead will be so excited to be around her friends!

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