Friday, May 21, 2010

Confessions of a 'Stay at home Mom'

Life as a stay at home mom isn't always a box of chocolates.....and it sure isn't always glamorous either!

Here are just a few confessions of mine!

.....I usually do not make my bed. Unless I have some extra time on my hands, and that is never. <Gasp!>

.....After breakfast, I may not put the dishes in the dishwasher, but will just leave them in the sink. <UH! The horror!>

.....Sometimes I will hear my girls fighting, but I will pretend as though I do not hear them....<wait! don't call children services just yet!>

.....I hate running, but have started running so I can have an excuse to have an hour to myself....<don't worry, I'll come back!>

.....I don't always speak to my children in a calm manner. Sometimes mommy yells and yells loud.

.....I sometimes fake sleep when I hear my children in the middle of the night so my husband will get up with them. <and that is a strong sometimes...>

......I sometimes hoard a box of nerds...gobbstoppers...sour patch kids...whatever in the car door and sneak them while I am driving, then deny I have anything in my mouth when my 2 or 4 year old ask what I am eating.

......I sometimes don't feel like playing with my kids <thankfully for them, it isn't all of the time!> 

......I sometimes will sit and blog, facebook or email during rest while knowing things in the house should be tended to.

..................oh, and I never, ever, ever restart the dryer because I am too lazy to fold the laundry. 

I could go on and on.....really. I'll stop here so I can do this again sometime!

What are your confessions? 


  1. This made me laugh out loud. The thing about sneaking candy while driving is hilarious...and a great idea...

    It really does help to know we're all in the same boat, doing the best we can.

  2. I loved this!!!!!!!!!! My fav....pretending sleeping! YES! It works....convinces little kids and big kids too. ;)

    You rock Steph!

  3. So I fake sleep too, not as much now with a newborn, but definitely with Beckett :)

    I snuck M&M's today! Don't tell them. It wasn't a little bag either! ;)

    I am with you on most of these. Just part of having so many sweet angels to take care of I suppose :)

    Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so bad anymore!

  4. Did this stem from the conversation yesterday? Its a great list, that could basically be mine!
    I buy Lindt milk choc. truffles and have told Easton that those are mommy chocolates...and that they are like beer, kids can't have them.
    When Emerson naps I sometimes go lay in my bed and sleep while Easton sits on my bed next to me and watches at Thomas movie or plays leapster.
    And sooo many more! This post did make me lol!

  5. Kim Kunkel:
    OMG too funny...I'm guilty of some of these too!
    ~I too can yell loudly (probably can count on one hand as Yvonne's pretty easy going, and has no siblings)
    ~I also have the candy in the front of the car (I don't want her to inherit my sweet-tooth, she gets a sweet AFTER dinner)
    ~I don't always feel like playing either (a sibling would be helpful here)
    ~I have faked sleep before when my husband returns from being out of town..he's had a few solid nights of sleep which I've NOT had

  6. You are officially a member of the greatest occupation in the world--motherhood!! Your three sweet girls are evidence that you are doing a fantastic job!

  7. Mindi - yes & no....I had been thinking about doing a post like this, and then when the conversation came up, I was like "I have to do this!" :)

    Another friend of ours mentioned how my house is "always clean" - ha ha ha....definitely not always! We try our best.

    We all do the best we can, and as long are children are well taken care of and happy, then we must be doing something right.....right? :)

  8. So refreshing! As moms, we all need to know at some time or another that we aren't the only ones! It eases the guilt for a little while. :^)

  9. Oh! This "confession" thing will become a regular post on my blog! It is neverending :)

  10. Oh my goodness Steph. You crack me up ;)
    I am definitely guilty of the candy hoarding. Mostly with stuff I know they shouldn't eat, And I'm sure I shouldn't eat it either. lol. I once sat in my bedroom while Kevin was watching a movie with the girls and ate a whole bag of doritos by myself. There's red 40 in them and the girls can't have them. At least thats how I justified being selfish. Great post. I love confession posts. They make us all feel better knowing we aren't the "only ones".
    Love and miss you kiddo,

  11. This is such a great post! The one about running so that you'll have time to yourself (but don't worry, you'll come back!) made me chuckle. Actually, they ALL made me chuckle!!! So funny, thanks Steph. I'll have to think about my addition(s) to the list...


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