Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 Months...8 beautiful months!

Another beautiful month with our little Clara. It's starting to get hard to even think about what life was like without Clara! When my sister in law mentioned last night on the telephone about Clara turning 8 months today, I was in disbelief......"tomorrow? really? already? how?"

Clara just brings so much to our family. Even at 8 months, she has so much to offer everyone. Her sisters just adore her so much. Clara started crawling last week and the girls just love it! Clara loves her sisters so much. All the girls have to do is look at her and she just bursts out in laughter. It is such a special gift to watch our three little angels grow together.

I love waking up next to Clara. This morning, I was awake before she was. She started to stir and I knew she'd be waking soon. I just looked at her in awe. My sweet princess is 8 months old. Then, she opened her ginormous blue eyes, gazed at me for a second, and then gave me the most beautiful smile. What a way to wake up in the morning!

Now that Clara is crawling, she is just so happy! She can get to point A and B without a problem, and boy! is she fast. We are in trouble! Needless to say, she is sitting up great. She can be in a sitting position and get into a crawling position without trouble now. She is working hard at pulling up on things. She is eating one meal a day (dinner), and she is loving it. She eats everything. She even ate her first serving of clam chowder the other night at dinner! You can't get away with feeding this kid anything pureed. If she sees you eat something different, she wants what you are eating. Clara started waving "HI" and clapping her hands, too! Her brain is a little sponge!

Her sleep is staying steady. She isn't the best sleeper, but she isn't the worst either. Clara is really attached to me, and I really think she wakes at night to make sure I am still around. I don't much I would love a full night sleep, I know she won't be like this forever, and I'll long for the days where they just want to be close to you. We joke around because if someone is holding Clara, and I walk by, but don't pick her up, she will scream for me until I take her. I love you clingy Clara!

It's so bittersweet. I miss our little baby, but I am loving the little girl Clara is becoming! She is such a doll. She is truly transforming into a little toddler! Each day, she learns something new, and I love watching it! This summer is going to be so much fun with our girls!


  1. Such gorgeous little girls you have! All three of them...WOW. We need to come visit you all some time soon!


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