Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summertime Fun with Nana & Papa

The girls have been itching to get to Old Orchard Beach for a while now, but we've been waiting for the 'perfect' time to bring them! Since Mairead has had a tough last few weeks behavior-wise, we told her once she started to listen better, we'd be able to go.

Well, last week her behavior was not good at all, and I was at my wits end with her...wait, we were at our wits end. My mom had spoken with her and told Mairead if she got a day where she got all 'stars' then they would drive up and take the girls.

Finally on Saturday, Mairead had a great day! It was like having the old Mairead back. She listened. She did everything she was supposed to do, so she was able to tell Nana & Papa she was allowed to go because she got all 'stars'! The girls woke up on Sunday knowing Nana & Papa were coming to take them to Old Orchard Beach for the day. Lilah was so excited! As soon as she woke up she kept repeating "I ready to gooooo! I ready to goooooo!" and Mairead kept asking "When are they coming? Are they here yet? I want to go to Old Orchard Beach!" They were obviously so excited!

My mom kept sending photo texts to show us what a great time they were having together!

Here is Nana and the girls!
Papa Steve & Mairead
Mairead & Lilah

Even though Lilah went to Old Orchard Beach last year, she was just 1.5, so she really didn't enjoy it, and was spooked by some of the rides....but not this year! The girls had a blast! Of course doing anything with Nana & Papa is special, but, this was something they had been really waiting to do this   summer!

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