Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clogged Toilets aren't fun to unclog!

I absolutely do not try to embellish on how great our life is. I try to keep it real and when it comes to raising three little girls, it very rarely gets boring around here. Most days are great and some days, well, aren't so great. Remember in my last entry how I talked about some days I think it would be better if I went back to work as a nurse??? Well, yeah, today was one of them!

It started off fairly good. The girls had a squabble over a new tea set a friend brought them yesterday, but the problems were easily fixed. After that was squared away, the girls played so nicely together. They picked up their toys before they took something else out. I even told them if it continued, they would be able to get some of their toys in the garage back.

Once I got Clara to sleep for her morning nap, the girls quietly watched 'Angelina' on the couch while I showered. We were heading over to the neighbors to play. Once we were all ready, I told Lilah to go potty. She obliged and went. She got off of the potty and flushed the toilet. I didn't realize the toilet had been flushed several times, then, all of a sudden, there was

water everywhere. And other contents that will go unmentioned. Yep. You know. 

Mairead had gone potty earlier and used a bit too much toilet paper. She says "Mamma, I used a lot of toilet paper!" You see, she's been wanting to be independent while using the potty, especially after going poopy. Most of the time she gets it, but when she asked me to help her wash her hands because there was poop on them, I should have known something was up. the time I really realized what was going on, there was about an inch of water on the bathroom floor and with ummmm other nastiness. I shut the water off and tried to keep three curious blonde haired beauties out of the bathroom. Not as easy as you may think. What was even harder was finding the plunger. You would think it would be in an easily reachable location, right? WRONG. You see, I don't use a plunger, but Kevin does [often], and well, he's a man and has a hard time putting things back in the same place each time or maybe telling me where an important item like the plunger could be found. Of course when I called him, he wasn't answering. Any. Of. His. Phones. Yep. There is gross water seeping out of the bathroom, three curious children who are really wanting to know what this plunger is and how it is used. Then, after 15 minutes of searching, I find it in a bathroom tucked way behind in the cabinet. Um yeah, that's a great place. The plunger was smaller than the hole, so getting a good suction was tough. Each time I stuck the plunger in the toilet, nasty water bellowed out onto the floor. YUCK. After about 5 minutes of trying to get the toilet unclogged, I finally did it. I never thought unclogging a toilet would be that tough - and for the record, that was my first time ever having to unclog a toilet! I'll leave that duty to my husband who is an expert!

I won't go into the other details of how the remainder of my day went, but, I am sure you now get the gist of it all! And I'm just glad the day is pretty much over... just never gets boring, does it? That's okay though, boring is boring!


  1. So sorry you had rough day. EEW! At least it was just toilet paper. Our Eden used to have a thing for flushing toys down the potty, wich required Kevin taking the potty completely apart and reaching his hand up through the bottom. Nasty!


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