Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Nope! No need to adjust your screen...that is Clara (9mos) sitting on the potty!

Yes, maybe I am jumping the gun just a bit. But, let me explain... You see, Clara poops every morning, usually within 20 minutes or so of waking up. I would say it is very unusual if she didn't poop. Since starting solid foods and giving her two meals a day, her poops are.....well, nasty. Even if I didn't cloth diaper, I'd still think they were nasty. I know they are only going to get worse!!! Ewwwwwwww!

So, since she's an every morning pooper, I thought I may try sitting her on the potty when she wakes up in the morning. I kind of started it as a joke thinking it may work, but I never expected her to actually do it. Yep. You read that right. She really did poop on the potty. Not once. Not twice.....but FIVE times in four days. It's pretty amazing. The first day it took her about 10+ minutes to do it, and each morning, it has gotten quicker! This morning it was about 2-3 minutes. I even put her on after nap since she had an afternoon poop yesterday....and well, what do you know! She pooped! and Peed! Seriously! I think she is getting the hang of it, too. While she sits there, she will play with a toy, but when she starts to go, she will drop (or throw) the toy and won't take it back......then...what do you know! there is poop!

Both Mairead & Lilah potty trained early. Mairead at 24 months exactly and Lilah about 20 months. Once they turned 1, we used to sit them on the potty before baths just to get used to sitting there. Mairead showed interested about 22 months and Lilah was a ripe old 19 months when she insisted on using the potty (and peeing in it!). It took Lilah a lot longer to get the hang of it than it did Mairead, but, I certainly didn't expect a lot out of a 19 month old wanting to potty train. I am guessing Clara will be younger, too, but until then, I'll keep doing this and getting her used to sitting there! She's pretty damn cute!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely do not expect Clara to be potty trained anytime soon. All I am trying to do is limit the number of poop diapers I have to clean up! If she poops half the time on the potty, then I'm happy!


  1. AMAZING!!! Look at little Clara all by herself on that potty! Oh my goodness.

    You know, that's a great idea! Tatum is a morning pooper too--sounds almost exactly like Clara, he usually goes within a half-hour or so of waking up, and yep, now that he's eating some fruits and veggies his poops are getting grosser and grosser. Major swishing in the toilet involved to get those diapers half-way clean! I love the idea of getting him to take that first poop of the morning in the potty! Maybe in 3-4 months we'll give it a go. Until then, I guess I'm resigned to dealing with some nasty cloth dipes. Congrats to you for figuring out a way around it!

  2. Have you seen the flushable diaper liners for the cloth dipes? I use them on occasion (when I know she will poop). Once they poop, you pick the liner up off of the diaper and throw it in the toilet! No swishing, nada....Sometimes the poop gets on the diaper, but you can generally just wash it off in the toilet. Definitely worth it!

    I can't believe it has taken me 3 kids to figure it out! This morning, she did it again - and actually peed right away, then pooped about 2 minutes later! So funnnny!

    Definitely give it a try once he starts sitting up well enough. Obviously, I have to be within arms reach of her because she isn't 100% stable! haha.

  3. Now that's Awesome Steph!
    Have you heard of "Elimination Comunication" potty training method? Just curious. I had some missionary friends who did it and it worked for them. I was to lazy to try it out. But I suppose if I was trying to do cloth in Africa like them, I would want my kids out of dipes Asap.
    My girls trained themselves early as well. I have heard from friends who have had both that the girls are easier, not sure why though. Anyways Lily was 15mos and Eden was 18mos. Though with both girls I had them wear cloth dipes to bed just in case, until they were both 24 mos. I hated having to strip the beds & do the linens in the middle of the night.
    PS. I'm a morning pooper too. Everyone else in the family seems to poop mid-day. lol ;) I'm sure you wanted to know that haha!

  4. As soon as we started Benton on solid foods at 7 months I started giving him Potty opportunities--I don't catch every poo, but most of them, because after 2 months of taking him to the potty, he will grunt--I will tell him "No no, we go Poo Poo on the potty" and take him to the potty, snatch the diaper off, and bring his knees up to his chest (i learned this move from an Elimination Communication website) and he goes. I love it! Pete is starting to get the hang of it...but WOW it was so much easier with Nina who i could sit on the potty seat, if I sit Benton down, he pees all over my feet :P HAHA
    Way to go Clara and Steph!


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