Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Enjoying life...

Since Kevin came home, life has been good. No doubt. Life is just happier with daddy home!

Mairead was so excited to have her daddy home for her first soccer game on Saturday! She did really well! I'm not so sure she knew exactly what was going on, but she had fun, and that's all that counts!

On Saturday night, I decided to plan a little "surprise welcome home" party for Kevin. Kevin knew my parents and my brother's family would be coming up for dinner, but little did he know that almost all of our friends would be there, too! After the soccer game, we had to head to the grocery store. Let me tell you...shopping for the party with him there was not easy, but I did it without him figuring out why I was buying so much food! Once my parents came, he thought that was it, until people kept showing...and showing.....and showing up! Once people kept coming, he knew what was going on! It was awesome! He didn't suspect a thing! We all had a blast celebrating Kevin being home. Thanks to my family and friends for helping to make it such a fun, special night!

Dance Class (Mairead 3rd, Lilah 5th)
On Monday, Alex (his sister was our exchange student from Spain back when we were 13) came to visit for the week. He had been traveling 'Around the World' since April. It was so great to see him. I forewarned him about coming into the land of 'controlled chaos'. The girls loved him and he was really great with the girls, too. We started his visit off with a trip to a local dance store to buy tap and ballet shoes for the girls. Lilah was so excited to finally be getting tap shoes JUST LIKE 'Annie'. She wore them all the way home and ready for her very first dance class that afternoon. Lilah thought she was going to be dancing on stage that very day! Mairead was excited, too! Though, I think because Mairead had dance class before, it wasn't that crazy excitement Lilah had. They both did really well in their class. Mairead listened well and really participated! Lilah did great for a two year old never having dance class before :). It was a blast watching them dance together. I am glad I put them in the same class. It's going to be awesome watching them progress throughout the year.

Alex & Lilah
The next day, Mairead had school. We dropped her off and headed to Lilah's swim class. Lilah did great, as always! I love watching her swim because she is so good. After swim, we all went to Prouts Neck and did the cliff walk along the water. We have lived here almost 2.5 years and we have never done this.....and it's about 3 miles from our house. It was absolutely breathtaking. The weather was beautiful. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish it because we had to head back to pick up Mairead, but I am so glad we did it. It is definitely something I will do again before we move. Later that night, Mairead had her swim class. She is doing amazing, too! This session, she is in a class of all boys, but that doesn't intimidate her at all!

I can't even explain how nice it is having Kevin home again. Everyone is just happy. And I love that.
View from the Cliff Walk - who knew THIS was so close to our house!
Kevin, Alex & Lilah

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