Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One of THE best sounds. Ever.

Today we hit a major milestone for pregnancy. Hearing the heart beat with our doppler.

For me, the 1st trimester is the worst. I don't really feel pregnant - except for the increased tiredness (though, I can't tell if that's because I am pregnant or because I am chasing after three small children), the extreme bloated feeling at the end of the day and the fact that I haven't had a period since July 26th.

You can't feel the baby move and up until today, I never knew if everything was okay in there...I mean, is the baby really in there? Is everything progressing normally? Am I really pregnant? I hate it. It just worries me. I like it when I can feel the baby doing acrobats and I like it when I actually have a baby bump instead of just feeling overly bloated and chunky.

Anyways, when I was pregnant with Mairead, we bought a fetal doppler. It came in handy for me and I loved being able to hear the baby whenever I felt like I needed reassurance. When I hit 8 weeks with this baby, I knew the time was coming that I would be able to hear this baby's heart beating away. I had tried a few times later last week, but I couldn't hear anything, and with the baby potentially measuring a week behind, I knew it could be a lot longer, so I wasn't too concerned. Well, today, Mairead was asking about the "baby" - and I thought it might be fun to get the doppler out. Of course, the girls gathered around me waiting with baited breathe to hear the baby's heart beat. I told them the baby may be too small to hear the heart, but we would try.  I searched. And searched. And just as I was ready to give up, there it was.......Thump. Thump. Thumping away. Ahhhh.....that beautfiful sound. At 9 weeks 2 days, we heard the heartbeat. As soon as Kevin got home, I pulled the doppler out and listened to that sweet sound..........again. I could listen all day long!

I am so excited that Mairead and Lilah are at such great ages (especially Mairead) for this pregnancy. Lilah was just a baby while I was pregnant with Clara, so she doesn't remember much, and Mairead remembers a lot - so I can't wait to build on what she has already experienced. She is so very interested in every aspect of pregnancy and babies, and I can't wait to teach her all about it.


  1. Yeah! It is such a wonderful thing to hear the baby, makes me want another! It really will be fun for the big girls to experience it all, Paige remembers a lot and she was just barely 2!

    Oh by the the new header!

  2. Go for it LB! Three is fun!!! Mairead says she wants to watch the baby be born - we're seriously considering it...she'll be almost 5, and I think she'll be ready as long as my mom can be there for her.

    Glad you like the new header - you do know that sets me up for a boy, don't you? I've had that name in my head for a while - we'll see! I don't care either way though...healthy is all I care about!

  3. Hey, if Mairead wants to see it and you prep her, she probably would love it! You have some time to think about it!

    We are done with kiddos, I will just enjoy my friends having them now :)

    And if the baby is a boy he will still be a Ferrie :) The name is very cute!


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