Friday, September 24, 2010

"First" Appointment

This afternoon, I had my first OB intake appointment. It was as exciting as it sounds.

It went something like this:

Fill out this, this, this and this, but only fill out bottom and top on this one, but just the top on the other. If you fill this out first, we can get you in faster. Get it? Got it? Good!

Mind you, this was not my first time at this office, but yet, I found myself filling out the exact same paperwork I filled out while I was pregnant with Clara. What a waste of paper!!! And time!

Then, the nurse called me in to the room. I hadn't met this nurse yet. She was very nice and conversed with Mairead while I finished my paperwork.

She went over the paper work, saw this was my 4th pregnancy. She looked at Mairead "Is she your oldest?" Me, "yes" and she laughs. Yeah. I guess we're a little crazy! But, who isn't?

Then she asks "Morning sickness?"

Me: "Nope. I am lucky, but I do get blessed with all sorts of other pregnancy goodies - you know, like cerclages, a million and one vaginal ultrasounds for cervical length, riding the fine line of a normal pregnancy and bed rest and all sorts of other fun!" 

We went over a lot of paper work, most of it she says "Hmmmmmm....I guess you know this already" - "I guess you're probably an expert by now" and then the paper work discussing "Daddy Boot Camp" - she laughed and says "You're husband is probably an expert in this department. He could probably teach this class!" She's right - I think Kevin would have a blast teaching other dads about "pregnancy and parenthood".

Then, she went over the "practice" - did she forget, I had been a patient there before? She then tells me, "You'll have appointments every 4 weeks starting at 10 weeks until so many weeks" - then she pauses and says "Ohhhh....yeah, you're high risk, aren't you. You'll probably have more than that!"

Uh huh....I sure will. It's called a frequent flyer. You'll see a lot of me and my crazy crew tearing apart your office. 

Then, she takes my blood pressure. Takes my weight. And sends me on my merry way. See you in two weeks.

I left wondering....and what was that for again? I'm glad I'm not a first time mom because I'd be left wondering when I'll actually get to find out if there is a baby in there and not just "pretending" :)


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