Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Clara!

Happy 1st Birthday, Clara! We love you!
Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little Clara belle. When you're in the "thick of it" it's hard to really tell just how fast life travels until you hit a major milestone like the first birthday. I think back to the last year and think about how wonderful life has been. The girls have been such a joy to be with and we've all had so much fun together. Watching the joy and laughter that Mairead and Lilah have for their little sister is just overwhelming. They just love her so much. They get so excited for her. And she loves them so much. It really is the sweetest thing. Watching their relationship only makes me more excited to bring another sweet child into our family. I can only hope the closeness they share today will continue on through their lifetime together.
Mmmmmm! Apples!

At 8:10pm, Clara turned exactly one year old. Her birth was so very intimate, almost perfect. It went almost textbook perfect. Labor was fairly easy. She was born healthy, especially for being 36 weeks. I remember how she never left my chest for two glorious hours. She nursed instantaneously. During my labor, we listened to Ray LaMontagne's CD and each and every time I hear a song from him, I think about Clara's birth. It brings back so many wonderful memories. We never listened to any music with Mairead or Lilah, so I don't get brought back to their day unless I am looking at photos or watching their video or talking to the girls about their special day.

Tonight, we took the girls to Flatbread pizza to celebrate. It was music Monday tonight, which made the night even more fun. All of the girls danced and it was so fun to watch. Then, the band started to perform 'You are the Best Thing' by Ray Lamontagne. How very perfect. The very song that really brings me back to Clara's birth. It brought a few emotional tears (pregnancy hormones kickin' it?) to my eye. To look at Clara and think about how she really is the best thing. She was meant for our family. She fits in perfectly. She brings us together. She brings happiness and laughter to our sweet girls.
6 Months

Clara is a trip! She definitely fits in to our crazy little - or not-so-little family. Her personality is blooming that's for sure. She tries to talk and can say several words - "HI" (her favorite), "Mama" (her close second favorite), "Maaaaaaaaam" = milk, and I swear she says "RARA", "Lilah" and a few others. She babbles all day. She loves to wave hi and say hi to strangers in the grocery store. She is on the verge of running. She has 4.5 teeth with another one starting to peek through. She loves apples and I mean loves them. If she gets her eyes on one, she will throw a full on fit until she gets one. She loves her babies. She is learning to climb. She loves to play with her sisters. She is definitely not quiet. You always know she is around. She isn't afraid to tell her sisters to buzz off. She can be super independent one second and hanging on my leg the next. Her nickname "Clingy Clara" still exists.
9 Months

Her baby-ness is gone. 

She is 100% toddler. We are on to the next stage. The stage with so much learning. So much joy. They are little sponges learning every little thing about life.

I cannot wait to see what more she brings to our family in the future. We are so lucky to have such a sweet, happy, loving little girl. We are so lucky to have three of the same, all so different, but so very sweet, happy and loving.

We love you Clara belly.....

She really loves her baby dolls

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