Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I can see the light!

It has been three weeks today since Kevin left for Mobile. A long three weeks. Thankfully, the last week went fairly fast! We spent the week going to the beach, having a sleepover with friends and then Kevins parents came into town for 4 days to hang with us. They live in Florida (and planned their visit before they knew Kevin would be gone) and one can say they are used to the hot, 90+ degree weather, but they aren't! We don't have air conditioner, so I am sure being inside or outside was torturous for them! It was so hot here! Our living room was a steamy 86 degrees! I think they were thanking their lucky stars for staying at a hotel where they could get reprieve from the heat in their hotel room! After having a hot and steamy summer without air conditioning we weren't phased too much by the heat. The girls ran around as if it were cool outside!

On Thursday, we decided to take the girls to Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco. The girls had been talking about going there all summer long and I figured if we didn't go now, it wouldn't happen, so off we went! We all had a blast and the girls enjoyed spending time with Kevin's parents, too. I think we chose the perfect day to go because it was so hot! After going to the water park back in August, the girls were really excited about going to another one! Mairead was a pro! She did awesome and had a blast. Lilah did a lot better than she did previously! She even went down the bigger waterslides by herself. I was so proud of her! Of course, Clara had a blast splashing in all the water around her and even going down the baby slides with me holding her. Being wet the entire time, you didn't even realize just how hot it was outside until we got home! Mairead's first soccer practice was even canceled due to the heat!
Little Lilah comes out of the 'tunnel'
Mairead & Lilah take a few practice runs before hitting the 'big ones'
...and they're off!

The next few days were spent hanging out and letting the kids have fun with their Mimi & Papa. The weather was cooling off a bit so it wasn't so miserable outside for them. I was able to run some errands while some of the kids stayed home. I have been consumed by overwhelming tiredness. I think it's just a mix of being stressed and not sleeping at night. It seems as though it is always something or someone waking me up. Between the two dogs and three kids there has been at least one kid/dog up at night and it is just catching up to me! Before Kevin left, Clara was sleeping 10 hours straight, and lately, she's been waking up frequently. I think our dogs have been up more in the last few weeks than they have in the entire past year! Damn dogs.

On Saturday, Mairead woke up with a nasty cold. I figured something was up because she had been up multiple times overnight. You could tell she felt miserable, but tried so hard to have fun and want to do things! She had a low grade temp in the afternoon but still wanted to head to the Lobster Shack for dinner. I hate seeing my little princesses sick! It wasn't exactly the way I had envisioned spending our 5th anniversary (without my husband, sick kids), but overall, it wasn't too bad :)

Kevin's parents left on Sunday morning, so it was just me and the girls for the rest of the day. We had a quiet day playing outside and enjoying each other. By the end of the day, I was spent. I couldn't wait for bed time. I can't wait to start feeling not so tired!!!

I have to say long weekends without a husband isn't a lot of fun! Weekends are for family time, so no one was around. Overall, it was a quiet weekend, but at least it ended on a positive note! Kevin called on Monday evening to tell me he was going to be home by Friday! Talk about music to my ears... It was like a huge brick was lifted off of my chest. Things seemed so much more doable. manageable. happier. There is talk he could be home late Thursday night, which would be awesome. He'd come home after the girls go to sleep, so he'd be home when they wake up on Friday morning. I pray that will happen. I'll have to video their reaction!

Well, I am off to get my massage courtesy of Kevin's parents! I will hopefully help make these next few days go by super duper fast! 

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