Thursday, October 7, 2010

Damn Dogs

Do you ever have days where you just shake your head and ask "why?"......I do. A lot of the times, it's in good spirit, and others it is in disbelief. You know, some things just don't make sense...

When Kevin and I bought this house it needed a lot of work....and I mean a lot. You know, we thought it would be a blast to renovate a house while having small children and a few dogs. Uh huh. Yeah, we must have been smokin' or drinkin' something strong at that point to make us think it would be fun. I guess that is why we are still working on the house 2.5 years later. of our [many] projects was installing hardwood floor. The entire upstairs used to have carpet, but with Kevin's allergies, the dogs and having kids, we thought it would be smart to install hardwood throughout the entire house (minus the bathrooms). So we did. We have an old seagrass rug in the girls playroom - they spill crap on it, and it's just I don't care. We have two weather mats at the two doors and one small 2'x3' mat in front of our sink. In all, our house is 90% wood floors (tile bathrooms) and a few small rugs.

It never fails that when one of the dogs gets sick they don't throw up on the wood floors, they choose one of our 4 small rugs to puke on. Why? I don't get it? Last night, we fed Emmie, our 2 year old lab, and as I was cooking dinner, I step in something mushy and quite nasty. I almost screamed. I look down and what do you know.......Emmie puked up her ENTIRE dinner on our beautiful lobster rug, that measures 2 feet by 3 feet........and why did she have to do this? Why couldn't she have puked on the hardwood floor that was an inch away from her puke pile??? Why?

What's the attraction for dogs and rugs? Especially while sick? Our older dog does it too. Instead of running over to the wood, they run over to the rug??? Seriously? Don't they know we installed hardwood floors so it would make messes like these so much easier to pick up???

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