Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat...Smell my feet...

Give me something good to eat! And boy do they mean what they say!

I feel like this whole past week has been one big Halloween celebration. The girls had been so anxious to wear their halloween costumes! I would say about 6 months ago Mairead told me she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. I knew she wouldn't forget about it. And she didn't. Lilah on the other hand didn't really get it, but about 6 weeks before Halloween, we asked her what she wanted to dress up as. Her response: "Dorothy!".......Hmmmmmmm. Two Dorothy's. Kevin and I tried to convince one of them to change their minds. "How about Glenda?" "How about a lolli-pop kid?" Their response: "Um. No. We want to be Dorothy" And that was that. 

Last Sunday, we visited a local camp right up the street from our house. They had a little Halloween celebration there. There was horse riding, donut eating contests, hay rides and a costume parade. The girls participated in everything, and even won a prize for the 'best costume'! They were so proud of themselves! 

On Thursday, Mairead wore her costume to school and then that evening, we went to Mairead's school where they had their annual Halloween fundraiser. There were a ton of kids. Great food made by all the families. Not only was it a fun night, but it was so unbelievably warm outside! All of the kids were playing outside without jackets. Amazing. The girls got to wear their costumes for the second (or third) time in a week. They were more than thrilled! 

On Saturday, we headed to my parents house. Their town puts on a great halloween, and their neighborhood rocks. The girls had an absolute blast going from house to house saying "trick or treat!". Mairead remembered last year, so she knew right what to do. It took one house for Lilah to figure it out and then she was rockin' and rollin'. After each and every house, she'd say "I want to go to another persons house..." in the cutest little Lilah voice. The ran to each house and they ran fast. Last year, we didn't cover all the houses in their neighborhood, but this year, was a completely different story. I'd say they covered over 50 houses in about an hour and a half! They are now trick or treating professionals. And they mean business. 

Tonight, we did round two of trick or treating. Unfortunately, we don't live in a busy neighborhood like my parents so trick or treating isn't quite as exciting. Our street is dark, the houses are spread apart and there are probably much better neighborhoods like my parents near our house that people prefer to go to. I am glad our girls got to experience the "real" trick or treating experience last night. So, we dressed the girls, visited our neighbors and friends, said hello, the girls did their thing, and we headed back home. It was freezing out, too....a chilly willy 40 degrees with a stiff wind, and since we live off the water, it is very, very cold. 

Now, we have three very tired.....trick or treated out little girls who are more than ready for bed, and a mommy who is more than ready for them to go to bed so I can cuddle on the couch and enjoy some quiet time with Kevin. It's been a fun, yet crazy week of Halloween excitement

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  1. The girls look so cute Steph! Glad you all had fun. Hope you are taking it easy ;)


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