Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smartie Pants

This morning I was cold and dreaming about a vacation in paradise. I was thinking...hmmmmmm, maybe we could go on vacation instead of buying the kids a ton of gifts (even though the likelihood of travel anywhere during this pregnancy is pretty much zilch).

So, Kevin and I asked Mairead:

"Mairead, would you rather Santa bring you a trip to Mexico or some toys?" 

 Mairead responds:

"Ummmmm. A trip to Mexico!"........walks away, turns around and says "...but you can buy me some toys if you'd like!"

We laughed! She's no dummy.....Santa can bring her a vacation to Mexico and mommy & daddy can buy her presents! 

It's funny because we took Mairead & Lilah to Mexico in March 2009. We weren't sure if we should take the girls on such a trip (they were little...may not remember the trip, etc etc), but looking back, it was probably one of the best things we have ever done as a family and I am so glad we decided to go! Mairead still talks about the trip to Mexico and remembers a ton about going. She pretends she is in Mexico all the time and asks when we can go back. I can't wait until we can bring them back to such a beautiful tropical place such as Mexico! It was the ultimate family vacation...I loved spending every moment together as a family without any responsibilities (other than keeping our kids safe).

For now, I'll continue to drool...

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