Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Mairead was asked to dress her scarecrow for her preschool class. We were given a wooden skeleton and had to dress it.

At first, Mairead was adamant this scarecrow was a boy. Let me tell you, in a house with almost all girls, there was slim pickins' for male scarecrow attire. I mean, Kevin didn't want to get a lot of his clothes ruined, so we talked her into making the scarecrow a girl.

She picked out the clothes, dressed her and named her...

Pumpkin' Patch
Miss Pumpkin Patch - yes, those are flowers on her head.
Mairead poses with her new friend
After she was dressed and stuffed, we put her in the car. Mairead was worried she'd get cold, so she covered her up in a blanket and said good night to her. Too cute!

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