Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is YOUR mother pregnant?

Mairead takes swim lessons every Tuesday. She is the only girl in her class. Today, I had an ultrasound and we brought all three girls with us. Mairead is really into pregnancy and childbirth so I really try to teach her everything she wants to know. She has already starting asking if she can watch this baby be born when it is time. I think she could really do it.

I don't know about you, but, I am pretty open about teaching our girls about our body. Maybe it's because I have worked as a maternal-child nurse in the past and I think it is important for our children to be comfortable with ourselves. I try to answer each question appropriately and not giving out too much information. While I was pregnant with Clara, she asked all sorts of questions (she was 3), and has seen her birth video many, many times. She loves to watch TLC's Baby Story, too! As of right now, she does not know how babies are made, but she knows where they come out of, and little things like that. 

Anyways, so back to swim school - today, she asked almost every boy (5 in total) if their mother was pregnant. After she got to the 4th boy, her swim instructor said "Ok, Mairead, we need to save this topic for another day and another time." To say he was blushing was an understatement. Mairead, of course, didn't see anything wrong with asking the boys this, for all she knew, every child knows where babies come from and exactly how they are born! 

At the end of class, her teacher says "Thanks for turning swim class into health class today, Mairead!" 

Leave it to one of our children to talk to other kids about pregnancy & childbirth! 

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