Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What IS my due date....? No, really, what is it???

I am a bit perturbed. I have been given THREE.....count em' THREE different due dates. I know I had two, but I went to my regular OB appointment today and they gave me yet another. The girl tells me I am 13w6d pregnant - huh? If anything, I should be 14w1d or 15w1d - I know, I Know, it's really not a huge deal, but, it's just annoying!

I also met with a new OB in the practice and I really didn't click with her like I have with the other three docs in the practice (whom I have fallen in love with). She walked in and just wasn't as personal as the others. Mairead was with me and she barely said two words to her, unlike the other doctors who let my children participate in my pre-natal care (help listen to the heart beat, measure my belly, etc). I hope this was a one time thing because I was really disappointed. 

I brought up the three due date issue with her and she was like "well, we're going by the 1st ultrasound you had at 5 weeks" and I said yeah, but why won't MFM (maternal fetal medicine) change my due date from my period date if you're not? I just wish everyone would get on the same page and stop giving me a crap load of dates! 

Anyways....heard the baby today thumpin' away, blood pressure good, and that's about it. I talked to her about exercising with the cerclage and she said anything that is low impact (yeah! duh!), so I am thinking Yoga. and more Yoga. Sometimes I feel as though these general OB appointments are a waste of time! Especially with a new doc who doesn't know my history - very frustrating! 

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