Friday, November 19, 2010

Life is full of distractions!

Let's just say life with three kids, my mind isn't always there 100%. I find myself doing multiple things at once all while tending to 1, 2 or 3 of my kids fighting for my attention! It's quite funny most days.

On Monday, I did a grocery order. Our van is getting full, and with a single AND a double stroller in the back, there isn't much room for the groceries! When I got home, I remember Clara was getting ready to throw her 3rd temper tantrum of the day, and was ticked that I had the audacity to put her down as we walked in the house - you know, I did have multiple bags of groceries to bring into the house! 

Fast forward to today - Friday. The last few days there has been a weird stench in our van. Yeah. You know where I'm heading with this one. I couldn't figure it out because our kids don't really eat in the car, not meals anyway or anything that would stink like that. All sippy cups had been accounted for in the house, so it wasn't sour milk. 

Tonight, after the kiddos went to bed, Kevin went into the car to find out what the stench could be. He couldn't find anything, so he brought our two dogs out to investigate. Well........what do you know! BINGO! A grocery bag full of groceries. Ooops! I guess I really was distracted that day.

It's contents: 

A whole ROASTER chicken
Various yogurts

Let me tell you......a rotting roaster chicken does not smell good after being left in the car for 5 days. YUK. 

Note to self...make sure you bring in all of your groceries, and if you happen to forget one, make sure it isn't the one that includes fresh meats and perishables. 

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  1. That stinks! No pun intended. You only mentioned the 3 girls....I think growing that 4th one adds to the distracted mind!


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