Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Potty talk is a huge hit in our house. If it isn't the girls talking about poop and taking dumps (thanks, Kev!), they're talking about "doody's" (penis) and "da-gina" (vagina). We try not to make a big deal about it, but sometimes it is so hard not to laugh, especially when it sounds funny. 

Kevin and I try to be upfront about our bodies. We don't hide anything and when the girls ask questions, we try to answer appropriate and correctly. Ever since Mairead coud talk, she has called a penis a "doody" - we have absolutely no clue as to where she came up with that term. It was all on her own, nice, huh? When we got older, we would start to correct the term. Now that Lilah is old enough, she has caught on to the "terminology" both correct and incorrect. It's lovely. Really. Who would have thought such pretty girls would be talking like this? :)

Today, I was shopping in Old Navy with Lilah and Clara while Mairead was in school. I was looking at some leggings when Lilah belts out:


I just about choked on my own spit. She repeated the question several times knowing there were other people around shopping, too. And if you know Lilah, you know her tone. Hilarious.

I respond: 

"Nope." Embarrassed, wanting this conversation to end. Now. 

Then, she quickly responds, just as loud as before:

"I GOTTA DA-GINA??????" 

Blushing, I said:

"Yeah. So.....is Santa coming to our house?"

Wow. Some things you just don't expect from kids. I mean, you know they will come out at some point, and you just pray they don't happen in the middle of a clothing store surrounded by other people who are listening! 

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  1. Too funny! My aunts first born was her son and when her daughter was old enough to recognize they had "different parts" she thought his dangling bits were the funniest thing in the world. Actually, one of my first words was "gina"... and not the name! :)


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