Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's amazing to think the holiday season has arrived. Every year, it never fails to sneak up on me...maybe because I am the procrastinating fool who waits until the holiday season to buy gifts, to listen to Christmas music and to think about the holidays. I am the type of person who likes to enjoy each day. Enjoy each holiday, and just savor the moments with our family.
My parents with Clara and my nephew, Landon

On Thanksgiving, we headed to my parents house. They live about an hour away. My brother and his family was there and we just enjoyed the day together. We ate lots of food, the guys watched football and the kids enjoyed all the attention. It was a day to be together and be thankful for each other. a

Mairead showing off her head-dress she made in school
This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving one of our girls could actually comprehend the meaning of a holiday. Between me and Kevin along with Maireads preschool, she has learned a lot about Thanksgiving and what it is like to be thankful. I am thankful for those around us who are able to embrace our children and teach them the true meaning of Thanksgiving. One day, Mairead came home from school and I asked her about her day. She quickly explained to me that they read a book about the "cauliflower" (the Mayflower) and the Pilgrims. She told me about the book and how some Pilgrims were very sick, and some even died coming here, so when they arrived, they were so thankful to be here safe - she didn't say it in those exact words, but it was pretty darn close. At first, I thought she was embellishing on death and sickness, since 'Charlottes Web' she has been intrigued by sickness and death, but after talking to her teacher, they read about everything Mairead told me about. 

Every Thanksgiving we have I realize more and more just how lucky I am. I look at our three beautiful girls who are healthy and happy. They teach us more about life and love than we could ever imagine possible. We live in a beautiful little house and I have a husband who is so devoted and in love with his girls - I couldn't ask for more. While living the military life isn't always bliss, I am thankful that Kevin has a stable job that provides our family with so much. We are surrounded by wonderful family and friends who love and support us at every turn. I think about the baby growing inside of me and how lucky I am to be able to conceive children [easily], and even though pregnancies are difficult and risky for me and our unborn child, we have been blessed to have all of our children here with us - I am so very thankful for this, words cannot even describe. I know all too well that things don't always end happily for everyone, and I will never ever take this for granted. As I felt our baby kick for the very first time over Thanksgiving, I was reminded of all of this. I embrace each and every movement I feel from our baby...
Little Lilah

Lilah enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

I am thankful for bad days - these are the days that show me that life cannot always be perfect, so when my children hug me extra or tell me I am the best mom, or my husband does something to make my day, it really makes me thankful for good days. I am thankful for the days that aren't perfect with my husband, because Lord knows they are not always perfect - but it puts life into perspective, and only reminds me of what I DO have in my life - and am reminded to not take advantage of it. 
Clara enjoying Thanksgiving and showing her fork skills :)

Mairead looking pretty as usual! 

I only hope that we can teach our children to be thankful for everything we have together. I am hoping this year will be the first year that we can really instill these values into our children. The season of being thankful and giving. It's not about taking. I know our children won't always act perfectly or say they are thankful for us or the things they do have, all I want to know is they will always be thankful, because they are so very, very lucky. 


  1. This is wonderful....I feel the same way. So happy you felt the baby move! I think it would be hilarious if we both had boys!

  2. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Glad you had such a nice day, and your photos are lovely.


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