Friday, November 19, 2010

Downward spiral? Hope not.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check my cervical length. I get ultrasounds every two weeks until....well, probably until the baby is born. I get them every other week for my cervical length and then once things stabilize, they start to monitor my fluid levels more closely, so then I get ultrasounds for that, too. It's a neverending story!

Hi baby! 
The tech started off doing an abdominal ultrasound to check the baby. Everything looked good and it was moving all around. The baby wasn't in a great position for getting good facial shots, but it was still fun to see the baby wiggling all around. I haven't felt any "real" kicks yet - I have questioned the baby kicking a few times, but I haven't felt it enough to confirm. I am pretty sure I am starting to feel fluttering in there - I can't wait to feel real movement! The baby did show it's junk, and we think the baby may be a boy - though we're not announcing it to the world quite yet - if you read, then you know, but, just don't shout it out to the world quite yet (and please don't mention it on facebook either). After seeing the website I had posted in a previous post about gender, I am a skeptic, even though, what I see looks like a penis. We have another repeat in two weeks and I am sure we will get a confirmation then! I have to admit, I am a little disappointed. I really wanted another girl, but like I have said before, all I care about is a healthy baby, and if that baby boy is healthy, then I am psyched and couldn't ask for anything more. 
Could that growth be anything other than a penis? I'm not so sure...

So, about the title, Downward seems as though my cervical length has started to shorten quite a bit - almost a full centimeter in two weeks. Not good. I am not quite worried yet because I have a history of my cervical length shortening between the 18-20 week mark right on down to 1.8-2cm and staying there for the remainder of the pregnancy. So, my cervical length measured about 2.2cm down from 3cm two weeks ago. The next few weeks will definitely tell the story about things, and I just hope things stop progressing in the wrong direction! I surely cannot afford to spend any time on the couch! I guess I need to start being better about spending time there while the girls are resting... 


  1. If this baby is a boy your world is going to be rocked :) But it will be fun!!!

  2. Yes, it looks like a boy.....hmmmmmm. Can't wait for your to find out! I am thinking you need more sitting and less going. It won't last long....ok, it may feel like forever, but then he/she will be here and make it ALL worth while anyway! Rest when you can.....

  3. Yes, LB our world will be rocked...but so will his - with 4 mothers dotting over him!

    I have a hard time sitting, that is for sure...I definitely need to get better about it so it doesn't turned into a "forced" thing!

    Hope you're feeling well!

  4. Take care, Steph. Your rest is just as important as everything else you do.

  5. We had an early gender ultrasound done at 15 weeks with Claire and the sonographer said it's early enough to see girl vs boy. I would say it could definitely be a boy, BUT, I've known a couple people who were told boy and then did not find out they were actually having a girl until weeks before they delivered! Apparently, it's easy to mistake a girl for a boy on an ultrasound. We had a 3D/4D done at our early screening so it was VERY easy to see for sure :)

  6. I have another ultrasound a week from Friday, so I am sure by then, we will have either a confirmation or not :).....


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