Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today, Mairead's preschool class had a little Thanksgiving party during the last hour of school. It was so sweet! All the kids in the class had made little Indian hats (can't think of the correct term for them, so excuse my pregnant brain) and they all sat together at the table to enjoy a snack.

Once snack was over, one of their teachers went around and asked all the children what they were thankful for. When it was Mairead's turn, the teacher asked what she was thankful for.....

"My mom" she said...

...talk about heart melting. It made me feel so good inside and to know everything she has been learning about Thanksgiving this year is really shining through.

While I know she won't always be so forward about being thankful for me or Kevin, I hope Kevin and I will be able to teach our children to always be thankful for what they have. If there ever comes a time when they are not thankful, we have gone off somewhere. I hope someday when our children are older we can bring them to places like shelters, food banks, nursing homes, etc to show them just how lucky they are to have what they have - in family and material things. It's important to me to show children (small and big) how lucky they are...

Thank you, Mairead for making my day as a mommy. I love you and I am so thankful for you, too!

And meet "Honey Bunny", Mairead's class pet - we volunteered to take care of the bunny over the Thanksgiving holiday! The kids AND dogs are psyched to have a new "friend" visiting. The bunny is as sweet as can be! I figured since I don't have enough to do, taking care of a bunny would be fun for everyone! No, really....I'm actually really excited for this! I'm such a kid!

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  1. Adorable Steph! ;) And so funny that you guys have a bunny to take care of this week ;) Maybe you could bring the bunny up to my folks house this week and it can play with our bunny. We had to bring him cause our usual bunny sitter was going on vaca too. lol What a surprise for the class when your bunny comes back pregnant. I'm kidding of course!


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