Monday, March 12, 2012

Life is ALWAYS exciting!

Do you like Instagram? I am an instagram junky! I love it so much! 
So here are some of the happenin's at the Ferrie household in the last few days in Instagram-Style

Does this photo look familiar? Does your kid do this? Once again, I am entering uncharted territory with a child that cannot keep his hands off my b@@bies :) - when he isn't nursing, and I am holding him, his hand is down my shirt. Always. 
Here's Clara! She was all excited and ready to go to swim school last Thursday.....until class started, and then she and two other girls all started crying in unison. Needless to say swim class was another BUST. Maybe next week.
At 11 months, Callum is finally getting some teeth. They haven't erupted yet, but you can see them under the skin. I am praying this is why he hasn't been sleeping OH SO GREAT this last week. This momma is TIRED! And if you're wondering, he's getting the top ones first, just like his big sisters! We have late teethers in this house! Just like their momma!
Mairead and Lilah got new running shoes yesterday. They want to start running with me. And new running shoes means incentive for Mairead to tie her shoes. She came home, ran upstairs, and 10 minutes later she was tying her shoes. I had been trying to teach her, but she had no interest in learning since she had no shoes that actually tied, until now! 
Today we went to a park. We were there five minutes until Clara fell and split her lip open. She was screaming. There was blood everywhere and I had Callum in my arms. There were two moms about 10 feet away from me just sitting there, staring. Didn't offer any help. Didn't ask if she was okay. They just sat there and watched me struggle. Nice, huh. I left wondering what is wrong with some people. I know I couldn't have just sat there watching a hurt child and a mother struggling to hold an infant, and care for her injured child without offering some sort of support. Thankfully the bleeding stopped rather quickly, we went home, put ice on it, had a special snack and she was as good as new.

Mairead loves writing letters to Mimi (Kevin's mom) and Nana (my mom). This is one of her letters last week to Mimi. She is getting so good writing. I am one proud mamma!!! She was telling Mimi about her eye and how she hurt it. How did she hurt it you ask? Oh. Yeah. That was me, pulling a mother of the year moment by poking her in the eye with our dog collar remote antenna. I was rounding the corner and ran into her eye with it. For the rest of the day, she had to wear sunglasses, we went to the pediatrician to check it out, and thankfully it was nothing! Just another day here... 

And last, but certainly not least. BED HEAD LILAH. She slept until 9am one day last week, came downstairs as we were eating breakfast, and this is what I saw. I burst into laughter, brought her into the bathroom to show her what her hair was like, and she started laughing, too! What a great way to start the day :)

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