Monday, March 19, 2012

My little Leprechauns!

We had a fantastic St. Patricks Day on Saturday! We enjoyed the most beautiful March day here outside, and then headed to a friends house for a BBQ, roasted s'mores and of course drinks for the adults! Overall, it was an awesome day!

One of the things I will miss about this house (and yes, there are some things) is the front steps. This place has been awesome for taking photographs! I feel like I have been able to capture some memorable moments with our crew on these steps! So, here are our four little Leprechauns!  

I couldn't help but snatch a few of Callum on our bed. The thought of him turning one in a few weeks is just mind boggling. What a year... 

This is Callum. He's silly and so unbelievably sweet. What a celebration his first birthday will be this year... 

His face......Mmmmm! I just want to kiss it!  
And I can't believe this kid is going to be 6 in two months...She is growing up so fast, too...I wish time would just slow down a little. 

And there's little Lilah...she never ceases to amaze us with her personality! 

I hope this amazing friendship between two sisters continues for a long, long time. They love each other so much! 

My two cheesy smilers! They are like frick and frack! 

And this kid....she is just an amazing kid. So strong and determined. She loves to say "cheeeese!" for the camera, and when she does, she will give you the "cheesiest" smile ever! And I LOVE IT! 

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