Monday, March 5, 2012

Assuming THE Position

I am not sure if I am lucky or what, but my kids (to this point, and it's early still...) have had no trouble potty training, and I am hoping Callum follows in the footsteps of his big sisters who were all potty trained early (2, 21 months and 20 months). 

Before Christmas, Callum has been using the potty. And no, not just sitting there. He will actually poop and/or pee in the potty. You may ask yourself how do I do it, and what do I do to get him to actually poop and pee in the potty before he even turns one. 

First of all. I am not sure if I am lucky, but Clara started doing this at 9 months old as well. I have proof of Clara here. It's not rocket science. No, really, it isn't, and I bet if you put your infant on the potty at a time when you can expect him/her to potty, then you can do it, too. 

Both Clara and Callum were morning poopers. It is a rare event in the Ferrie household that Callum does not poop in the morning, and unfortunately, some mornings, he poops before he is even fully awake, which means, a nasty, smelly diaper that I hate to change. YUK. 

You probably are asking me How can I get my baby to go on the potty? Well, it's easy, and as long as your baby can sit up properly then it's easy....I won't go into the whole Elimination Communication or Diaper Free baby thing, because that's a lot of work....and I don't have time in that, but this is easy and you can do it too.

So, when Callum wakes up in the morning and I notice he hasn't gone yet, I will nurse him, and a) put him on the potty immediately after he is finished or B) after any signs he is needing to go - facial expressions, grunting, whatever it is your child/baby does that leads you to believe a disgusting diaper is headed your way. If it is B - I rip off his clothes as fast I can, and run to the potty. I slap that potty seat down, and put him on. As I am bringing him and while he's making the face, I tell him poopy on the potty. And Voila! He goes! And this doesn't mean it has to be in the morning. Any time you are home and you know its going to happen - RUN. And let me tell you, sometimes you take the diaper off and it is hanging halfway out ready to plop....

But what if my child goes like 10 times per day? Well, don't you worry. My motto is You can't catch em' all but one less nasty diaper to change is a win in my book. Callum generally goes 2-3 times per day, and I usually miss the afternoon ones....but that's not the point - at least for me it isn't - it is to get him used to sitting on the potty before he is actually old enough to have an opinion about it, and if he actually does something in there, then that is just a huge bonus! 

Do I expect Callum to be in underwear by one? Hell to the no. Do I expect him to be potty trained before 18 months. Not really. But I will definitely be pushing him to be done before the age of two. I am going to treat him no differently than his sisters. Hey. Don't knock me. I've never had a boy before, and yeah, I have heard the news bulletin that boys are supposedly harder to train than girls, but, I don't really buy that. So, I'll just use Callum as my little science project. 

Come this summer, he will be diaper free whenever we are outside. He will learn just like his sisters did! 

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  1. Go Momma! I did the same with both kids! Nina never pooped in a diaper after 13 months and was potty trained 20 months. Benton--GASP A BOY!! Was fully potty trained (day and night) by 19 months. It can be done! And I believe that popping them on from an early age (8 months or so) is the key. And who really wants to change a poopy diaper?? :)


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