Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday, Kevin had planned to telecommute, but his boss gave him the okay to just take the day off....and so he did! 

Kevin commutes to DC every day. He leaves the house before 530AM and is home around 430pm every afternoon, so most often on the weekends, he just doesn't feel like going back into the city with the kids. I was surprised when he said "Let's go to the zoo" - and he didn't say zoo, he spelled it, but now with miss smarty pants, Mairead, spelling things doesn't mean much....

"The ZOO!? We're going to the zoo!? YEAH!!!!! Let's go to the zoo" 

And so we did! 

It was a little chilly and windy, but it was great. We saw the Apes going across the cables above us, and we saw panda bears, elephants, mammals, lions and tigers and bears. It was a great family day! Not only was it a great family day, it was a great school day! The girls learned lots of new things today. I have to say one of the BEST things about homeschooling is the ability to learn wherever we go! Learning so doesn't have to take place in the home, and it doesn't have to feel like school either! I just love that part of homeschooling! 

I forgot my camera, so with a little help from instagram, I was able to get a few cute shots! 

I am sure we will have a few more visits to the zoo before our big move back to Maine in May/June! I will be sure to bring my camera next time! 

Mairead & Lilah

Mairead & Panda (can you see him hiding?!?)
Little Clara posing for the camera
She carried her lunch box around the entire zoo.
Daddy and his girls

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  1. We love the DC zoo. A lot of times we will park ouside the city and ride the Metro in. The kids love it b/c they get a "train ride" and a visit to the zoo all in the same day.... B/K (before kids) Rick and I always enjoyed going there as a couple and it is so fun to share the zoo and our love for DC (visiting of course) with them.


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