Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Girls.

........and I'm not talkin' about my three beautiful girls.

I'm talkin about THE girls. You know...BOOBS.

My "boobs" aren't what they used to be. Before kids, I was a size 34 B...and a full B at that. They were perky. Not saggy. I liked the fact I could wear any top I wanted to, and didn't have to wear a bra with some. It was great. I liked my boobs.

Well, times have changed. Big time. "The Girls" aren't quite what they used to be. Before they were just there for Kevin to look at and grope. Now, they're off limits to him. They have a use. An important one!

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of why my boobs are why they are. If you didn't know, I've been nursing for 4 years, 3 months and a few days consecutively. Yes, without a break and I'm proud of that! I've nursed throughout pregnancies and I've tandem nursed my girls (meaning, I've nursed two children at the same time). So, "the girls" have had a lot of wear and tear over the last few years! Since I haven't seen "the girls" without a job in a very, very, very long time, I am afraid to know the exact condition of them. They've gone through a lot, but have served me well!

I'm sure I know they hang a lot lower than they used to. I'm sure I know they're not as perky and pretty as they once were. And I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing shirts without a bra, unless of course, I'm going for a "Do and Don't" segment in the Glamour magazine.

One thing I do know I am pretty sure when Kevin retires from the Coast Guard and my body is completely....utterly all mine, I will have a wee little lift....oh, and maybe a little tuck if needed. I don't care to have big boobs, but a nice little lift so "the girls" don't have to rest so close to my belly button would be very much appreciated.

When I think about saggy boobs, I think about an elderly patient I took care of in nursing school. It was my first year of nursing school and a friend of mine and I had to give a patient a bed bath. We helped her take off her gown and her breasts were flat and sagged all the way down into her lap. My friend and I looked at each other in amazement - sagging can be that bad? Yep. It can and I surely couldn't live with that.

So for now, I will give my body to our sweet girls. I've never denied them the right to nurse - and they can nurse as long as they want....within reason of course! I know someday my body will be all mine again - I surely am not complaining about my body. I am proud of it!


  1. I'm totally with you, boobs post-children are gross. I hate mine too, and I have what they call (seriously they call it this in books) twin-skin on my belly too. Its skin that the elasticity was destroyed in while carrying the boys. No amount of running or crunching will bring it back. When I'm all done having babies...mommy make-over it'll be. I want to be tucked and lifted back to normal.

    I feel the same way you do...its not about getting a pair of jumbos, I just want things to go back to a place where I can feel some level of confidence in my body again! I have a zero confidence rating since giving birth. I have a few friends who had similar feelings, and have gotten the work done. They have been soooo happy with the results. Yep, when I'm all finished having babies, it's gonna be time for a mommy-makeover.

  2. I call them the they are older now and used well. :) I have debated this same issue in my head....I just want them up again. A comedian once said something about folding them like origami to get them in a bra after having children.....I did not know what she meant until now. HA! Since my man is a "breast man" I think he would like some perk back too.


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