Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two weeks...too long.

Ah. It's been two weeks since Kevin left for Mobile. It surely hasn't been the best two weeks of our life that's for sure. There seem to be more downs than ups but overall, we're trying to survive, after all, we are halfway through. I'd be lying if I said it has gone fast. Some times in the day, I think it has gone fast, but more times in the day, I think it seems like forever since we have seen, touched, hugged, kissed Kevin/Daddy.

We've been surely trying to keep busy. The big girls were able to have another sleepover at my parents, which they love. It seems like feast or famine to me. I feel like I really need the break, but on the other hand, I really miss them, I am really bored without them. Don't get me wrong, having some special one-on-one time with Clara is really great. She has to share me a lot, so I know it's nice to have me all to myself. I feel like the girls come back refreshed, too.

On Sunday, it was just us girls. No help. No friends around. Just us. Weekends are tough because no one is around. Weekends are family time. We started the day off playing car wash. The girls washed our cars, played with the hose and even washed their own little cars. Then, they played in the backyard for a while and we enjoyed each other. After naps, we took a nice walk and Lilah practiced on her new bike! We got her the same bike as Mairead and she is doing great!!! The girls behaved so well for me that night and went to bed easily. It was a really nice day together with more happiness than anything.

Last night, our friend and her two kids came over for a sleepover party! Her husband was away for the night on business, so we thought we'd have some fun together. I made a homemade pizza, and the kids enjoyed a movie! The kids went to bed surprisingly easy and we enjoyed some quiet time. We talked and talked and of course, threw in an all time great - Steel Magnolias. One of my all time favorites! It's been soooooooo unbelievably hot here - in the 90s....so we've spent the last two days at the beach. I'd be lying if I said it was fun. There was no breeze and it was just hot. 

The last few days have been tough. I feel like I haven't spent much time talking to Kevin. He's been busy and I've really been missing him. I think the girls are, too. I just don't feel fulfilled after talking to him - I just want more. I want him home with us. He's missing so much with the girls and I just want him here to celebrate with us. Mairead just wants him home, too. She has periods of frustration and just can't understand why he can't come home. I think she is also having a hard time with our babysitters, too. I'd rather daddy be home with us, too! So, when the sitter is here, I usually don't leave the girls. It's just too much for them and they want to be with me. She hasn't been the nicest 4 year old in town to me either. She just wants her daddy - and so do I.  Lilah is doing well. She has periods of typical two-year-old defiance, but overall, she doesn't ask too much about Kevin. She gets very excited to talk to him on the phone and that satisfies her, where when Mairead talks to Kevin, it upsets her and leaves her with a lot of questions.

So, we're halfway through....and it seems like forever to go. Just come home already. Seriously.

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