Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're surviving...

We've survived three days without Kevin. We've had lots of fun with some...ok, maybe more than some tears thrown in there, too. I won't tell you it has been easy, because it hasn't, but I am thankful for good friends who have been able to distract us!

Yesterday, was a lot of fun. We met some great friends of ours in Portland to go lobstering out on the Lucky Catch. It was a blast for all the kids (9 in all!). We caught a HUGE lobster - they think it is the biggest catch of the season and are estimating the big guy at about 3.5-4lbs! His claw was bigger than my hand! We saw several harbor seals, which was a huge hit. After, we all went out to lunch together.

All in all, it was fun, but the girls surely did miss their daddy. They frequently asked where he was and why he couldn't be with us. Every time they would see a plane taking off or landing, they would ask if that was daddy's plane coming home. When we arrived home, they saw Kevin's car in the driveway, Lilah immediately blurted "Daddy's home!?!?"...During the afternoon, whenever the girls had a problem or hurt themselves, they'd call out for daddy, but thankfully mommy was able to fix them right up and everyone stayed happy! Right before dinner, the girls were able to skype with Kevin while I grilled some chicken - yep, I manned the grill. They had a blast and talked about seeing daddy all the way through dinner! What would we do without computers???

Thankfully, I slept better last night. I felt like a zombie yesterday after having a horrendous night sleep the night before. Once we were all up, the girls were asking about their daddy. I feel like they ask the same questions over and over and over again. "Where is daddy?" - "Why did he have to go?" - "Is he coming home tomorrow?" - "He is gone for 30 days? Is that right?" - "What is he doing now?" - it's never ending...I feel badly and I pray I am answering them right. They asked to skype him throughout the day, but unfortunately, he can't skype at work. It is tough hearing their questions because it just shows their lack of understanding of where Kevin really is...

Today was a beautiful day! The girls had their swim lessons and did fantastic! We then headed home and played together in the backyard. After nap, we headed out to Target to get some materials to make our "countdown chain" so the girls could count down the days until daddy comes home - thanks to some facebook friends for this really great idea! They were so excited to make this for him. They talked about it all day and finally, it was time to make it! They had a blast making it for him and couldn't wait to show him what they made. Thanks to our babysitter, Michelle, who helped me and the girls out with the project.
Mairead writes her name backwards on a link
Lilah shows mommy what she drew for daddy

Excuse my hair - today I didn't shower! Yuk!
Mairead decorates a link

We made 30 links. I asked the girls what I should write on some of the links. Mairead came up with "Miss you daddy." - "I love you daddy" - "Come home soon" - and of course the prized "Daddy's Home" link. We hung it up in the kitchen/living room and it felt good to take off three links right away...27 more days to go. The girls were so proud!

The girls show off their project
THE prized link...can't wait to get to this one...
...and here it hangs so everyone can see

After dinner, we made some ice cream cones and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. It was an absolutely beautiful night. Now, the girls are asleep, and I am here. Alone. This is definitely THE hardest time of the day. I hate sitting here night after night by myself. Crawling into bed is the worst. All I can think about is how many more nights I have to do this...too many, but I remind myself..30 days is much better than 60.

Tomorrow, my parents are coming up to take them for a night or two, so it will be just Clara and I....what am I going to do with just one child??? The girls are ohhh so excited for a sleepover at Nana's & Papa's house! I think a shopping trip is just what the doctor ordered for me!


  1. I had a hard time with quiet evenings too. I ended up getting Season One of The Tudors, something I've been wanting to do for a while now. It became my evening 'treat' to get to watch an episode or two, totally uninterrupted. It might make your evenings easier to do something similar. You can get entire seasons of things on Amazon at really good prices.

  2. That's a good idea! Right now, I am inundated with photos to edit from the summer. My problem is more when I crawl into bed :( - I love that quiet time with Kevin just watching TV and falling asleep...Our dogs have been much more protective and now bark at EVERYTHING...even in the middle of the night. Makes for a nervous mamma!

  3. Omgosh, that would make me nervous too. I distinctly remember having the thought when my brother arrived (to stay with his daughter for a week) that if anyone broke into the house that night it was his problem. Haha...


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