Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...Let the countdown begin.

So, the countdown begins today. If all goes as it is supposed to go, Kevin will be home by the 17th of September.  30 is better than 60. By far.

It was another tough day today, but overall, it was a nice day to be together. We took the girls to their morning swim lesson up the street. Mairead is doing so great. We are so happy we put them in extra lessons over the last few weeks. She is just improving by leaps and bounds, and she knows it! Her confidence is really building and we love it! Lilah is Lilah. She is insane and is now able to swim without a bubble. She is with 4 year old kids and she is one of the most advanced. She has no problem going underwater! It was such a nice moment to watch our girls with each other today.

When we came home, we put the girls to bed and enjoyed some quiet time. We sat with each other on the couch and just enjoyed each other. No TV. No music. Nothing. It was bittersweet but so nice to have that time together. The way to the airport was tough. Quiet. Somber. You could tell the girls were confused. They were so excited to see the airplanes at the airport but weren't quite sure where daddy was going! I wish I could have been oblivious like that...the good bye was very tough for everyone. We cried. I couldn't stop hugging Kevin. The girls didn't want to leave Kevin at the airport. Driving away was the toughest...

On our way to swim lessons (yes, again) Mairead kept asking why we couldn't go with Kevin. I mean, how do you explain all of this to a 4 year old? or a 2.5 year old? It is really difficult. I put some music on and what song came on...."Be Mine" by David Gray. This song brings back so many memories of when Kevin and I were dating. It was so appropriate for the way I felt 6 years ago and the way I feel now. My feelings haven't changed for him. I love him so very much. When the song came on, I told the girls this was mommy and daddy's special song. Though it isn't the song we danced to at our wedding, it is one of our most special songs. To this day, it brings me back to the 'new love' we had for each other.

After swim school, we were leaving, and a plane was taking off. The girls were so excited! They were yelling "Is that daddy's plane!? Is he on that plane!?!" and I told them, yes. They started blowing kisses to the plane. It was the cutest thing. When we came home our sitter was there to help with dinner and bed. As I was putting the girls to bed, they each made a special video to say good night to Kevin. After I kissed each one good night, I sent the video to Kevin. After I left Lilah, she started to cry. I went back into her room and she said she wanted her daddy (Kevin always lays with her after I do) and she wanted him to lay with her. I tried to explain to her daddy wasn't home and was on a plane. It didn't help, she kept asking for him. She just didn't understand. I started to tear up. I felt so bad for her. I went into Kevin's drawer and grabbed a shirt. I brought it into her room and gave it to her. She snuggled right up to it and said "daddy's shirt!" - then he called. Landed safely in Atlanta for a layover. The girls were able to talk to Kevin and say good night. It was really tough tonight, but I suppose each night will get easier and easier. I hope.

Thirty more nights...tomorrow, we will be going lobstering out on the Lucky Catch with some great friends. Should be a fun day!

Here are the words to 'Be Mine' from David Gray. Such an amazing song.

From the very first moment I saw you
That's when I knew
All the dreams I held in my heart
Had suddenly come true
Knock me over, stone-cold sober
Not a think I could say or do
'Cos baby when I'm walking with you now
My eyes are so wide
Like you reached right into my head
And turned on the light inside
Turning on the light
Inside my mind, hey

Come on baby it's all right

Sunday mornin’, day or night
Red or blue or white it's plain to see
Be mine! Be mine!
That rainy, shiny, night or day
What's the difference anyway
Honey till your heart belongs to me?

If I had some influence girl

With the powers that be
I'd have them fire that arrow at you
Like they fired it right at me
Maybe when your heart and soul are burning you might see
That everytime I'm talking with you
It's always over too soon?
That everyday feels so incomplete
'Till you walk into the room?
Say the word now girl
I'll jump that moon, hey

Come on baby it's ok

Rainy, shiny, night or day
There's nothing in the way now
Don't you see?
Be mine! Be mine!

Winter, Summer, day or night

Centigrade of Fahrenheit
Baby till your heart belongs to me
Be mine! Be mine!

Thursday, Friday, short or long

When you got a love so strong
How can it be wrong now? Mercy me!
Be mine! Be mine!

Jumpin Jesus, holy cow!

What's the difference anyhow
Baby till your heart belongs to meeee?

My body's on fire, and My heart is on fire,

My body's on fire, and My heart is on fire,
My body's on fire, and I’m losing my Sanity
Be mine! Be mine!

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