Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 11 months, Clara!

It is so hard to believe Clara is 11 months old. In one month, we will be celebrating her first birthday. I just can't understand how one year has almost passed since she joined our pretty little family. In the last month, she has changed by leaps and bounds. She has started to make the true progression from infant to toddler. Just the other day, I looked at her, and she appeared more toddler than infant. How is this possible? The day she was born just seems like it was yesterday, not 11 months ago...

11 months ago today I had just given birth to our beautiful baby girl. She was snuggled tight in our arms. Safe and sound. Tonight, she runs around like a crazy lady. The only signs of being an infant is when she calls for her mamma, nurses or needs some extra love. Other than that - she is toddler.

Clara & her baby doll
She prefers...

Baby dolls......Baby strollers......Shopping carts......Purses.....and big girl toys.

Do you see those 'toofers'???
She started walking right at 10 months and today, she is walking 100%. No more crawling for this crazy cat! She buzzes around the house from one room to the next exploring every little thing. If the dogs water bowl is out, she attempts to crawl into it. If the dogs are eating, she attempts to eat their food. If the gate isn't closed at the stairs, she attempts to climb the stairs. She loves to sit in the girls comfy pottery barn kids chairs. When her sisters start a dance party in the kitchen, she joins in. She loves to sing. She loves the beach. She loves the sand. She loves to EAT the sand. She loves to carry around baby dolls that are just as big as she is. She is a fighter and if one of her sisters wants something, they're going to have to fight for it. She loves baby strollers. She is independent. She poops on the potty almost daily - or more than daily. She loves the water, and has no fear. She loves blueberries and will scream until you give more. She hates to ride in the stroller as she prefers to walk herself. If this doesn't have the making of a crazy toddler, then I don't know what is! She babbles mammma all day. She has started to sleep 8-10 hours at a time at night. She loves to take a nap in her bed, but loves to be on the go with her sisters, too. She loves her mamma and her daddy. She has two cute front teeth - no one would have known she was cutting teeth.  Her 'toofers' are very much loved and noticed by her sisters. No more toofless grin :)

The last month I believe has been the greatest transformation. Just four days ago, her daddy left for the gulf, so on her 11 month birthday, it was just me and her. Celebrating together. One on one. Daddy in Mobile, Alabama and her sisters having a sleepover with Nana & Papa Steve. I look forward to more time together tomorrow.

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating our sweet girls first birthday. This year has gone entirely too fast. Clara has brought so much joy to our family. She has two sisters who love her so much and have really enjoyed her the last few weeks!

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  1. She looks SO much like Kevin!!!! Almost one....WOW!!!!


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