Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joining THAT club

You know. The kids who cut each others hair club.

Ahhh. This mamma was more than glad she was already sipping on some good wine when this occurred.

Kevin and I were chatting in our kitchen about life possibilities. Rather deep conversation. Until...

Lilah's new "do"
Mairead comes running into the kitchen yelling Clara was cutting Lilah's hair. We go running into the school room. And what do you know...

They were playing hairdresser. Clara cut Lilah's hair (giving her a form of a mullet) . Lilah cut Clara's hair - quite miserably, actually. 

Then, the truth came out. Kevin said Lilah came to him saying her "hair was too long" 

And what did the daddy of the year reply with?

"Well, go get a haircut!"

And that's what she did...... 

Butcher job...
My attempt to fix - thankfully she has waves to hide all the "layers"
No fixin' this one...all I could do was cut her hair shorter.... 

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