Friday, January 20, 2012

The breakdown of a "Fairy" sleepover

Earlier in the week, the girls asked if they could all have a sleepover together. We said that on Friday they could have a sleepover, as long as they had good behavior for the week.

So. Today is Friday. And the girls did not forget. A sleepover it is...

Mairead and Lilah have had "sleepovers" before, and they generally do very well together...but tonight, we were adding Clara into the mix. This would be her very first "sleepover" with her big sisters. 

The fun started at about 7:50pm - the excitement was building here in the Ferrie household. This mamma had to whip out her phone to snap a few shots of the happiness going on.

Of course, Clara had to have a little "before bed" snack...

Mairead had to snuggle with Clara before they headed to their own beds. 

Then I tried to snap a shot of all three of them together. 
Clara was less than cooperative. And Lilah was just plain fed up. You see, when Lilah doesn't nap, she is ready to go to bed NOW.  Can you say attitude??? 

Then, Clara had to cover her face, Mairead thought it was funny, and Lilah thought...hey, if Clara doesn't have to look, then why should I smile - let's be funny! 

8:00pm - good night kisses and lights out......

I head downstairs and start to stuff some cloth diapers

8:04pm - Lilah comes downstairs to tattle on Clara not being quiet.

8:07pm - Lilah comes back downstairs to tattle on Clara not staying in her bed.

8:10pm - Lilah comes downstairs again to tell me that Clara hit her. I then tell her that if she comes down again, everyone is going back in their rooms.

8:15pm - no sign of any tattling going on. Did my threat work?

8:24pm - I hear Clara yelling at Mairead. I think I'll ignore that. 

8:35pm - I sneak upstairs. I hear Clara chatting away. I sneak my head in and Mairead says "Mom, can you tell Clara to BE QUIET!!!???" Clara is having a grand old time! 

8:57pm - Three little "fairies" fast asleep...I'd say a successful sleepover! 

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  1. We had a sleepover too! Alli's been begging ALL week and so last night was the night. The idea was she could sleep in our bed until we came up and then she'd camp out in her pottery barn fire truck sleeping bag- except my husband fell asleep on the couch and Alli and I slept together instead :) Fun! And she slept till 8am, praise the Lord! Now to try and find a second Pottery Barn firetruck sleeping bag for Patrick- Alli's not giving hers up and Patrick insists on one- to bad when I bought it at the outlet years ago I didn't buy two!


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