Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little swimmers

In addition to skating lessons, the girls have been in swim lessons at Claude Moore. Mairead and Lilah have been in swim lessons for close to 2.5 years consecutively. They love to swim and this mamma (and daddy) couldn't be prouder!

This is the first session that Lilah has been in the swim team pool alongside of Mairead. She couldn't be any more excited. Lilah is in a class of kids who are (not including Mairead) 6-10 year olds. Even Mairead looks incredibly small in their class, but they both swim just as good as the other.

Mairead has been working hard on her elementary backstroke. She can make it clear across the pool (25yds) without stopping and she can do a pretty good freestyle across the pool, too! She is getting stronger and stronger. Lilah can make it to the first flag and back to the side all by herself - it isn't always pretty, but she can do it, which is amazing!

The thing about Lilah is that her mind is way far ahead of her little body. She weighs 29lbs soaking wet, so the strength just isn't there for her - yet. She has the effort, determination and technique - her teacher calls her a "laser beam".

Mairead and Lilah are both fabulous swimmers (if I must say so myself ) - but the coolest thing about them is how they each master swimming so differently! Mairead perfects every step before going to the next, so she is a very pretty swimmer. Lilah...not so much. She just goes for the gusto. She jumps right in and tries to be fast, just wanting to get from point A to point B, not caring too much just how pretty she she doesn't quite perfect each step, but at the end of the day, they both master the technique. And it is just so awesome to watch!

The last two weeks, I've had various parents come to me and ask how old our girls are - because they are visibly younger and smaller than the other kids in class. When I tell them how old Lilah is, they ask me again because they are in disbelief with her ability to swim.

While we aren't sure where swimming will take our girls - if anywhere, we are just so proud that they are so comfortable in the water. Kevin and I are water lovers and we couldn't be happier that we are raising some mini-me's :)

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