Monday, January 16, 2012


One life saving thing about living here in Virginia is that we are not here alone. Luckily, our good Coast Guard friends from Maine were transferred last summer to VA Beach. We've been able to see them a few times since we've both moved and each time we get together, we leave feeling refreshed. 

This weekend we headed to VA Beach to visit them! We arrived Saturday after a 3 hour drive - which seems easy in comparison to a road trip to New England! The kids were so excited to see each other, and us adults were excited to see familiar faces, too. We ordered Thai food, had some wine and just enjoyed each others company. They have a cute house with a great backyard that I am jealous of - and I enjoyed watching the kids play outside with big smiles on their faces! So happy they were! 

On Sunday, we had a great breakfast together and let the kids play while Callum napped. After lunch we headed to Williamsburg for the afternoon. We had originally planned to go to the beach but because it wasn't even 40 degrees, we thought that may not be the best choice, so off to Williamsburg we went! I had never been there before, so it was a cool experience to walk around. It had such a great atmosphere! We didn't pay to go into all the houses, but walking around was just as fun, and since Kevin and I aren't really history buffs, we didn't mind at all! 

After exploring Williamsburg, we stopped a local to ask where we should take the kids to eat before we headed back to our house. The man recommended a place by William & Mary called The Green Leafe Cafe. The atmosphere was just like a pub located right across the street from the stadium. Their menu selection was fair. The kids ordered pizza and chicken fingers and the adults ordered an array of burgers. The service was good until we got our chicken fingers. Kevin cut into the middle of a chicken finger to split between Clara and Callum, and it was RAW. COLD. UNCOOKED. Thank GOD we cut it and didn't just give it to the kids who would have almost certainly bit into raw chicken. 

We told the waitress who apologized and ended up bringing us gross chicken nuggets. No compensation, no nothing. I called to speak with the manager today and he was so rude. Needless to say we will not be going back there again! 

Overall, we had a fantastic weekend! FANTASTIC! I so wish we lived closer to our friends...three hours is just entirely too far away, but thankfully we all don't mind making the drive! 



  1. I would not have paid.....yuck! Looks like fun otherwise!

  2. OMG that chicken finger is beyond gross! My husband is always on my case b/c I cook our chicken to death-( I admit I do)- That would have sent me over the edge!


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