Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 4th

You always hear about people who tell you that when you have more than 3 or 4 kids that you become a bit more relaxed than other moms.

And you don't really believe it because You'll never really be "that" mom.

Until this happens.

We were out to lunch with the family and a good friend of ours. We get into a large booth and as we get settled, I lay Callum down on the bench for a second. I turn around, and he's gone.

I look over to my right and the couple sitting across from me says "Your baby is on the floor."

"HUH!" I look down at my feet and there is the cutest little boy starting right at me with a smile.

OOPS! I bend down and pick him up and say "He's okay! He IS number four"

Yeah. I couldn't imagine myself to have been that cool, calm and collected with Mairead or even Lilah, but with Callum, I just wasn't surprised to have seen my kid on the floor after falling off the bench.

He didn't even cry. He was just hoping that someone would notice him down there. And sure enough, that someone wasn't me. Or his daddy. Or one of his sisters. But the random couple sitting across from our table.

Yep. Just as I thought. Another mother of the year award!

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