Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our trip 'home'

The day after Christmas, we loaded up the car and drove north to my parents house. We spent our days with my parents, my brother's family and our friends. It was great to catch up with everyone. Unfortunately, mother nature has decided we don't need winter this year, so there was no snow, and actually, hardly any cold temperatures at all. We really had been hoping to hit the slopes a time or two while we were home, but there just wasn't any snow to justify the cost of going. We were pretty disappointed, but we have hopes of going at some point this winter!

Maine friends! 
In October, my brother, Joe and his wife, Carley, welcomed their second child into their family, Olivia. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her! What a little cutie pie, and their little boy, Landon had a blast playing with our girls! It is so cute to see them all playing together. I took some photographs of her and Landon, too!

Since we didn't see my parents or brother this year for Christmas, we celebrated a little late! We exchanged our presents together, and that was fun! The girls were psyched to get new clothes for their dolls!

We spent about three days total visiting friends in Maine. The kids (and us) had a really great time catching up with friends. It definitely made us miss Maine even more. We are just so lucky to have such amazing friends there - we miss them!

Callum's 1st New Years! 

On New Years Eve we spent the evening in Portsmouth with my parents and my brothers family. We had pizza at the Gas Light Company and walked around downtown before the fireworks went off. The girls had a blast, and thankfully, it wasn't too cold. My dad had originally wanted to head into Boston, but with six kids who are 5 and under (with two of them being under a year and two of them being 2 and under) we thought this year may not be "the" year - maybe next year, dad!

Other than that, we had a great time being home.

Here are some more photos:

Meeting their new cousin, Olivia

Auntie Steph (me) and Olivia

Mairead getting some baby lovin' in too!

Callum opening some gifts

Nana lovin' on the girls after she opens her gifts

For Christmas, I told my sister in law that I would take photographs of her with the kiddos. I love practicing, especially on babies, so any chance I get to take photographs, I do it -- so here are a few!

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  1. Great pics!!! Love nursing pictures! So glad I did that this last time. A memory I want to have forever.


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