Monday, January 23, 2012

A little snow goes a long way...

Living in Virginia, snow either happens or it doesn't. The last few years living in Maine, the girls had been spoiled with having somewhat "real" winters, but this year, we aren't as lucky.

The last few years in Virginia have been record setting winters, but definitely not this year (and not in Maine either!).

Last weekend, we finally got some snow....about an inch. Nothing to write home about, but it was sure enough to get the girls excited!

In the morning, we headed to skate lessons and as soon as we got home, the girls went immediately outside. No questions asked. Honestly, this was one of the first times since moving to Virginia that the kids had been excited about going outside. Clara was a bit weary, and it took some tears to get her snowsuit on, but once she realized how much fun it was, she was all smiles!

The girls played on the deck together pretending they were at the beach. They were building "snow-castles" and having lots of fun together. Later that afternoon, our friends came over and everyone went back outside - two times in one day!?! Another record, maybe ;)

First thing Sunday morning, Clara was begging to put her snowsuit on. Yep.  You guessed it! Another record. I felt like we were back in Maine again with our kids begging to go outside by 9am! Kevin and I were so happy to see the kids so excited about playing outside.

Who knew an inch of snow would have provided so much excitement and smiles!

I just hope there is a LOT more snow to come than this! I am ready to get buried here in Virginia...I love seeing all the southerners squeal about a little snow fall...

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