Friday, March 5, 2010

Do this...Not that...or that!

Lilah has been in big girl underwear full time (except naps/bed) since last August at the ripe old age of 20 months. She was ready, and I figured since it was summer, we'd go ahead. Mairead was exactly two when she was potty trained, so I wasn't sure if it would fly. She did awesome, and would have a few accidents a week. Lately, she has really turned a corner. She definitely listens to her body more, and has been in underwear during naps for almost two weeks, and has done really, really well.

Yesterday, she woke at 0745 yelling "poo poo....BUMMMM", so I ran in, and she had her diaper off. As soon as I opened the door, she bee-lined it for the bathroom. Jumped on, and peed and pooped! I was so proud of her. So, last night as I was putting her diaper on, I told her we don't pee in our diapers, and if she has to go, just tell mommy or daddy. I thought "yeah, right"...

So here we are to this morning. Lilah started crying at her door by 0715, which is pretty early for her. If she wakes early, she generally will play quietly until we come get her. She wasn't saying she had to use the bathroom, so I ignored her. By 0745, she was crying again. Mairead opened her door, she came running into our room telling me "ducky...pee pee" - she runs back into her room, grabs her ducky, and brings it back to me. Sure enough, she peed on it. I went into her room, and she had her diaper on the floor, and had peed in her bed.

Her diaper was dry.

So....Lilah pee on the potty......not in your diaper or your bed.


  1. I'm so sorry but I'm laughing out loud at this...Good for you for having such a great sense of humor!

  2. Gotta have a sense of humor or else I'd go craaaaazy!

  3. A good did say not to pee in your diaper. :) Oh how literal kids are!!

    Thanks for the story.


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