Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traveling is always interesting.....

I've wanted to blog for the last week, but since we weren't home, I just couldn't put forth the effort. Last Tuesday we flew to Orlando to spend a week with Kevin's parents. Ill blog more on our week later...

Today, we flew home. The girls love to fly, and were very excited to fly home. Mairead is at a great age to travel. She's a good listener, she can entertain herself, and she understands what is going on. Lilah is teetering on that fine line of being a good traveler and a bad one. She's two. You can't expect much from her really. Clara, well, she's an infant, and as long as she has the boob, a few hand toys and can be in the arms of her momma or daddy, she's happy.

No doubt, we had a very busy week, and we are all tired. Yesterday we decided to skip Lilah's nap so she could play in the pool longer. She went to bed fairly early (in comparison to past nights there), and slept great all night until 8am. You could tell she was tired this morning. On the 45 minute ride to the airport, she was dozing off, but we tried to keep her awake. We wanted her to nap on the flight. Before the flight, she ran around the terminal like a crazy kid. We thought "this flight could be really quiet or really bad" - Lilah can be tough when she is overtired.

We got on the plane and Lilah was irritable. I had a bad feeling. Thankfully a flight from Orlando has lots of kids on board, and since we were flying Jet Blue, everyone has their headphones on. About an hour into the flight, Lilah loses it. She was screaming at pitches I never imagined possible. You could hear people laughing in the background. She was soooooo tired. I felt so bad for her. She didn't know what she wanted. She wanted to be held, didn't want to be held. Wanted her lovey, didn't want it and so on. It was  tough on all of us...but, I did feel bad for her, because she really didn't understand.

After about 30 minutes of intense crying, she gave up, and fell asleep. The poor kid. We surely learned our lesson. Never keep a child awake!

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