Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want to dance, too...

Having girls so close in age definitely has it's positives and negatives. Lilah is at a tough age. She sees her sister, Mairead, and wants to do everything she does. Most of the time, Lilah does just as well as her sister, after all, Lilah started taking steps at the ripe old age of 9 months, and walking full time at 10 months. Unfortunately, Lilah is too young to participate in the same activities, and since her language is lagging a bit, it makes it even more difficult. We look at Lilah and think she will be our athletic one - she is amazingly agile. The girl can run.

The girls do swim lessons, and Mairead is in the 4-5 year old class while Lilah is still in the parent/baby class. Over the last several months, Lilah has improved leaps and bounds over any kid in her class. She swims alone with a bubble, sinks to the bottom of the pool and swims back up, etc. She is actually transitioning to Mairead's class. Lilah thinks she is so big being able to be with the big kids. The kid can barely speak a sentence, yet, she is able to swim almost as well as Mairead does and keep up with the other 4-5 year old kids. It's amazing.

Unfortunately, Lilah was too young to partake in dance class with Mairead this fall. It was sad because Lilah would watch her sister through the viewing window, but I don't think she really cared to dance. Over the last month or two, Lilah has become increasingly interested in dance class. Lilah insists on wearing Mairead's leotard, and more lately wearing her ballet slippers. She prances around the house in a leotard and ballet slippers while trying to mimic what her sister does in dance class - she even knows what releve is! Now, when we enter the dance school, Lilah prances around Mairead's teacher, trying to impress her. It really is the cutest thing. She is so ready and willing to participate in class. Last spring, Mairead & Lilah took a mommy/child gymnastics class locally, and they both loved it. Even at less than 18 months, Lilah had no problem climbing and participating in gymnastics class! Thankfully, Mairead's class starts at 2.5, so next fall, she will be able to participate in a real dance class!

Here is a photo of Lilah wearing Mairead's slippers today. She calls them "My Sippers" and wears them all day! I can't wait for the day when Lilah can have her time in dance class!


  1. I know what you mean....now that Mayah is 3 it will open up a wide variety of summer activities!

  2. I could put Lilah back in gymnastics, but then Mairead would want to do it, too...and with her in dance and the girls in swimming, it's very expensive! At least she gets to do swim class, and this summer I can hopefully put her into a 6 week dance class.


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