Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A trip the dentist...

Today, Mairead and Lilah had their very first dental appointment. Mairead was so excited to visit the dentist! Lilah didn't quite know what to think. The hygienist was great with the girls, and the girls really clicked with her. We decided to bring the girls to a Pediatric dentist to ensure a positive first experience. Mairead went first, and the hygienist said her teeth were beautiful. They better be! Mairead didn't get her first teeth until she was 13 months old, and got her 2 year old molars at the ripe old age of 3! Lilah went next. She was a tad apprehensive, but overall, she did amazing! She let the hygienist do everything without a hitch! The dentist said their teeth looked perfect!

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  1. I love that you took pictures at the dentist and I love the sunglasses! I may try that with Mayah next month. She chickened out her first try.


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