Thursday, March 18, 2010

A perfect spring day...

Today was one of those days you long for in the dead of winter. Warmth & Sunshine. I'm not talking about 40 degree warmth, or even 50 degrees...but a balmy 68 degrees! Talk about an amazing spring day! The weather today was just as good as it was in Florida believe it or not.

The girls were itching to get outside, and so was I! We started the morning off with some backyard playtime. We played on the swings, and the girls ran through our sopping wet yard. Things are certainly saturated around here! We cannot afford to get any more rainfall for a while! The girls didn't care though! Once Clara awoke, we jumped in the car, and headed to a local park. We were the only ones there! The girls played and laughed....played and laughed. It was awesome to just watch them have fun together. We spent about 45 minutes there.

We then headed home, and the girls played in the yard some more. It was so nice out, and Lilah asked if she could eat at their picnic table on the deck. Of course, they could! We all had lunch outside together, and it was fabulous! The seagulls circled our neighborhood. Hearing them definitely hinted at the fun times to come at the beach this year.

After lunch, it was nap time, and we were all ready! I put the girls down, and headed outside. I sat down on the deck and enjoyed the warm sunshine for a little bit. It felt amazing. After nap, we went back outside for a walk with a neighbor. It seemed like everyone was outside enjoying the day. Mairead rode her bike, and Lilah walked the double doll stroller around the block! Clara spent some time in the stroller, but about halfway around, she was ready to go back into my arms.

You forget how awesome it is to have a day outside with the kiddos. Everyone is so much happier. They don't fight over what to watch on TV or what toy the other one had. They are just happy to be outside. Days like today remind me of why I love my life. It was a beautiful day with my three girls!

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